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Infiltrate - Apollo - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

video game

[picture of man holding a gun with futuristic scene in backround with 
people running from lazer fire]


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You are a secret agent on a mission of crucial importance.  Your mission 
is to infiltrate a top secret fortress.  You must capture enemy documents 
and get out alive.  Your challenge: the diabolical maze of corridors and 
elevators designed to confuse you and keep you from the documents.  Your 
danger: enemy assassins programmed to shoot on sight.  Your weapon: a 
high-power laser gun as powerful as that of the enemy.  Your advantage: 
you're sharp enough to duck when they shoot.  It's a hectic chase.  Hop 
an elevator.  Survive enemy fire.  Fire back. Duck.  Infiltrate...if you 


INFILTRATE (TM) is played with one or two players using the Joystick 
Controller.  Be sure the power is off when you insert or remove the 
INFILTRATE (TM) cartridge from your video game system.


Placing the difficulty switch in the "B" position will provide the 
easiest play.  When playing in the "B" mode, the range of the shots fired 
by assassins trying to destroy you are limited to about half the game 
area.  In the more difficult "A" mode, your enemies lasers will travel 
across the entire game area

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Hold your Joystick controller so that the red "fire" button is in the 
upper left hand corner.  Moving the joystick to the left or right will 
cause your agent's figure to run in that direction.  When you press the 
red "fire" button, your agent will fire in the direction of his last 
movement.  Your agent ducks when you move the joystick down (that is, 
back toward yourself), allowing assassins' lazer rays to pass harmlessly 
over his head.  Ducking is a defensive position from which your agent is 
unable to shoot.  
Upon approaching an elevator, your agent will automatically stop at the 
proper loading point, and will step on the elebator when it reaches his 
floor.  The agent will walk across the elevator if you continue to press 
the joystick in the direction you want him to move.  Once on an elevator, 
your agent will remain there until you cause him to exit either lefto or 
right by pressing your joystick in that direction as the elevator reaches 
any floor.
Body contact with any of the assassins will destroy your agent as 
effectively as their laser fire, so not allow them to touch 

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Your agent must reach both top and bottom floors in order to get the 
secret documents he seeks, and he recieves 3,000 points each time he 
traverses all levels from either bottom to top, or top to bottom.  On the 
way, shooting assassins will not only keep him alive, but also earn you 
250 points for each assassin destroyed, plus 75 bonus points if the 
assassin is riding an elevator when destroyed.  You have three agents to 
accomplish your mission.  The hats displayed above your score show haw 
many agents you have in reserve.  With each 10,000 points you earn, you 
will gain one additional agent, up to a maximum of six.

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When you are playing in the two-player mode, each time you lose an agent, 
it will be your opponents turn...until he loses an agent.  At the end of 
the game, the score of the first player will flash first, alternating 
with the score of the second player.  There are 12 variations of 
INFILTRATE as shown in the game matrix below.  Also, each player may 
individually select either novice (limited assassin shot range) or expert 
(unlimited assassin shot range) by setting the difficulty switch in the 
proper position.  As play progresses, the robots will become smarter, 
quicker and more beware!  For those who really want a 
challenge, the Invisible Assassins feature may be selected in which the 
enemy figures are visible only while the are riding elevators!


|GAME NUMBER             |1-1|1-2|1-3|1-4|1-5|1-6|2-1|2-2|2-3|2-4|2-5|2-6|
|ONE PLAYER              | X | X | X | X | X | X |   |   |   |   |   |   |
|TWO PLAYERS             |   |   |   |   |   |   | X | X | X | X | X | X |
|Assassin speed| LEVEL 1 | X |   |   | X |   |   | X |   |   | X |   |   |
|              |----------------------------------------------------------
|and           | LEVEL 2 |   | X |   |   | X |   |   | X |   |   | X |   |
|              |----------------------------------------------------------
|intelligence  | LEVEL 3 |   |   | X |   |   | X |   |   | X |   |   | X |
|INVISIBLE ASSASSINS     |   |   |   | X | X | X |   |   |   | X | X | X |

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Warranty Info [omited]

This manual typed by Cyborg.  E-mail:   [email protected]

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance