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Jawbreaker - Tigervision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

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You're in a candy factory filled with candy bars, smiling faces and sliding doors.
Score points by munching candy bars as you maneuver through the maze. But watch
out for the smiling faces. They'll munch you (exclamation) eat the vitamin pill
for the extra energy you need to munch the smiling faces and score bonus points.

Use your joystick controllers with this Tigervision TM game cartridge. For a one
player game, use the left joystick only. Hold the joystick with the red button to
your upper left.

Make sure the console unit is turned off when removing or plugging in the game

Turn the console unit on. The game number will be displayed in the top right border
of the maze. See the game feature chart for the particular features associated with
each game number. Press the game select switch to select the desired game number.

The player skill switches select the speed at which the players' jaws move. Skill B
selects normal speed. Skill A selects a slower speed for more difficult play.

When you are ready to play press the game reset switch. The maze will be filled
with nine rows of candy bars. A pair of jaws will appear at the center of the maze
for player one. Four smiling faces will appear in other rows of the maze. When you
release the game reset switch, the faces will begin to move through the maze. Be
quick so they don't catch you.

You control the jaws with your joystick. Once the jaws start moving, they'll
continue to move until they stop at a wall. You can change their direction with your
joystick: up, down, left or right. Press the red button on the joystick to stop the
jaws. When the red button is released, the jaws will start moving again in the
direction they had been going.

Scores are displayed at the bottom of the TV screen. In a two player game, the score
for player two is below the score for player one. You score points by eating candy
bars. There are 135 candy bars in the maze, each worth 10 points, for a total of
1350 points. When you finish all 135 candy bars, you receive a bonus of 500 points
and you get your teeth brushed. This completes one frame. A vitamin pill will appear
at the center of the maze three times during each frame. After eating the vitamin
pill, you'll have a few seconds of extra energy when you can munch the smiling faces.
Each face is worth 200 points. The faces turn red, then when your energy is running
out, they'll blink red and white before returning to their normal color. Each player
starts the game with three sets of jaws. The number of jaws left is displayed in the
top left border of he maze for player one, and in the bottom left border for player
two. After completing every other frame, a player gets an extra set of jaws, up to a
maximum of three sets. When a player's last set of jaws gets munched, the game is
over. There are eight frames altogether. The number of tbe current frame is
displayed in the bottom right border of the maze. The smiling faces move faster and
faster in each successive frame, making it harder and harder to escape them.


   1        1      FAST
   2        2      FAST
   3        1     MEDIUM
   4        2     MEDIUM
   5        1      SLOW
   6        2      SLOW 

The Color/B-W switch is not used in this game. The colors were selected for good
contrast when viewing on a B/W TV.

909 Orchard Mundelein, IL. 60060
(c) 1982 Tiger Electronic Toys, Inc.

ATARI(R) and Video Computer System TM are trademarks of ATARI, Inc.
Tele-Game TM and Video Arcade are trademarks of Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Jawbreaker is trademark of On-Line Systems, Inc.

Printed in Taiwan