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Kool-Aid Man

        KOOL-AID MAN

        (1 Player vs. Computer)
Help Kool-Aid Man in a battle with the Thirsties!  Those insatiable
Thirsties are stealing the water out of your swimming pool.  You want to
catch tem when they stop to dip their straws in the pool.  Also, help Kool-
Aid Man gobble up Kool-Aid ingredients in order to keep the Thirsties from
bouncing Kool-Aid Man around the backyard.

        For your Atari 2600 Game System.

Kool-Aid and Kool-Aid Man are trademarks of General Foods Corporation.
Copyright 1983 General Foods Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.  Atari is a
trademark of Atari Inc.

        THE GAME
[Screen Shot: Score (black number top center of screen), Time (red number
below score), Kool-Aid Man (a pitcher), Backyard Walls (vertical
multi-colored barriers on left and right sides of screen), Pool (blue area
at bottom of screen), Thirsties With Straws (bomb/apple shaped with eyes
looking left and right), Thirsties Without Straws (bomb/apple shaped with
eyes facing forward and sucking water out of the pool) and Water Ingredient
(large floating "W").]

You can move Kool-Aid Man anywhere in your backyard.  Make him catch the
Thirsties by colliding with them when they stop to drink the water out of
your swimming pool.  For every Thirstie he catches, you add a hundred points
to your score.  However, the Thirsties are pretty tough customers!  When
they're not standing still, drinking the water out of your swimming pool,
they're moving across the screen, trying to bounce Kool-Aid Man around the
yard.  So you best dodge them as they come after you.  If a Thirstie hits
Kool-Aid Man, you'll lose control of him temporarily.

You can aid Kool-Aid Man by making him gobble up the Water (W's), Sugar
(S's) and Kool-Aid (K's) which occasionally pass through the yard.  He
gobbles them up by catching them on the run.  These ingredients make
Kool-Aid Man temporarily unaffected by the moving Thirsties.  This means he
can move about without being knocked around by them.  That's when you can
really catch the other Thirsties who have stopped to steal your water.

If the Thirsties steal all the water from your pool before you catch every
one of them, the game is over.  If you catch them all before that happens,
you WIN and automatically move on to the next level of difficulty.

Use your Left Joystick Controller to move Kool-Aid Man.  (The Right Joystick
is not used in this game.)  Be sure your controller cable is securely
plugged into the back of the game console.  Hold the controller with the
word "top" facing the top of the T.V. screen.

- Push joystick LEFT to move Kool-Aid Man LEFT.
- Push joystick RIGHT to move Kool-Aid Man RIGHT.
- Push joystick FORWARD to move Kool-Aid Man UP.
- Push joystick BACK to move Kool-Aid Man DOWN.

Note: The red button is not used in this game!

The switch on the RIGHT sets the level of difficulty.  In the A position,
the Thirsties move at a faster speed.  In the B position, the Thirsties move
at a normal speed.

The switch on the LEFT is used to freeze the action of the game by sliding
it to the A position.  Position B is used to return the game to action from
the point at which it was stopped.  (Always begin with the switch in
position B.)

Get ready to join Kool-Aid Man in battling the Thirsties!

To start the game, press the Reset Switch on the console.  Be ready!!!...The
game starts right after Kool-Aid Man breaks through the wall of the yard.

When Kool-Aid Man appears on the screen with the Thirsties, push the Left
Joystick in any of the four directions available.

Controlling Kool-Aid Man: Push your Joystick Controller in the direction you
want Kool-Aid Man to go.  Don't let Kool-Aid Man bump into the walls or the
water in the pool.  If you do, you'll lose control of him temporarily.

Dodge the Thirsties as they pass horizontally across the screen.  If you
don't, you will bounce Kool-Aid Man around the yard, and you will
temporarily lose control of him.

When a Thirstie stops and dunks its straw in the pool, make Kool-Aid Man
bump into it.  The Thirstie will disappear from the yard, and you'll add a
hundred points to your score on the screen.

The Kool-Aid Ingredients: You will notice W's, S'S and K's passing
horizontally across the screen.  They stand for Water, Sugar and Kool-Aid.
Try to make Kool-Aid Man catch them if you can.  He will gobble them up and
music will play.  This will keep Kool-Aid Man temporarily unaffected by the
Thirsties.  That means he gets bigger, and the moving Thirsties can't bounce
him around.  It's the best time to catch as many stationary Thirsties as you
can.  But when the music stops, Kool-Aid Man will shrink back to his normal
size and can be knocked around by the Thirsties once again.

Every time Kool-Aid Man gobbles up an ingredient, a little water is added
back to the swimming pool.  This amounts to slowing down the clock, so you
have more time to catch the Thirsties.

Your score at the top-center of the screen will increase by 100 points for
every Thirstie you catch.

Timing: There are 30 Thirsties trying to drink the water out of your pool.
If you catch every one of them before they drink all the water, you WIN and
automatically move on to the next level of difficulty.

If the Thirsties drink all the water out of your swimming pool before you
catch every one of them, the game is over.

Bonus Points: Bonus points are awarded for the time left on the clock at the
end of each round.  So, catch all the Thirsties as fast as you can for the
best score possible!

When Kool-Aid Man gets bounced around by the Thirsties, relax!  It will only
last a few seconds.  Just be ready to take over when he settles down.

Go after every Ingredient you can.  While you're unaffected by the moving
Thirsties, you can catch a lot of other Thirsties who are stealing the water
out of your pool.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance