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Laser Blast - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Laser Blast
The Laser Blast manual is a six page fold-out, accompanied by the
warranty statement on a separate sheet of paper.

Page 1 (Front Cover)


Get set for the battle of your life.  With Laser Blast by ACTIVISION,
you're up against enemy attackers in a space shoot-out that defies
description.  But please, take time out to read these instructions.
They're full of helpful hints on how to handle some very relentless
adversaries.  Good luck and good shooting!


Page 2


1.  Hook up your video game system.  Follow manufacturer's instructions.

2.  With power OFF, plug in game cartridge.

3.  Turn power ON.  If no picture appears, check connection of your game
    system to TV, then repeat steps 1-3.

4.  Plug in left Joystick Controller (it's the only one you'll need).
    When playing, hold the Controller with red button at upper left.

5.  Difficulty switches (skill levels on Sears Tele-Game Video Arcade
    system) have no effect in Laser Blast by ACTIVISION.

6.  Select game with game select switch.

     Game 1:  Cadet Level          Game 3:  Captain Level
     Game 2:  Lieutenant Level     Game 4:  Commander Level

     NOTE:  The difference between games is how rapidly the speed and
     firing rate of the enemy ground attackers improves as the game
     progresses.  The relative difficulty of an attack group is
     calculated by multiplying the speed times the firing rate for that

                              DIFFICULTY OF GROUND ATTACK GROUPS

                          ONE    TWO  THREE   FOUR  FIVE   SIX or more
     CADET LEVEL         1         2    4      8     8      8
     LIEUTENANT LEVEL    1         2    4      8    16      16
     CAPTAIN LEVEL       1         2    4      8    16      32
     COMMANDER LEVEL     1         32   32    32    32      32

     The chart above shows how the difficulty of each attack group
     changes during play of each game.  For example, at Captain and
     Commander Levels, the most difficult attack groups are 32 times as
     difficult as the easiest.

7.  To begin play.  Push your Joystick up to begin play.  To start a new
     game, press game reset or push your Joystick up again.

8.  Piloting.  Your Joystick is used to pilot your spacecraft.  You can
     only pilot one ship at a time.  Pull the Joystick toward you to
     lower your ship and push it away to raise your ship.  Move your
     Joystick left or right to move your ship left or right.  When your
     Joystick is in the center, your ship will hover, spinning in a
     fixed position (not recommended!).

9.  Aiming and Firing.  The red button on your Joystick is used to fire
     the ship's laser blaster.  Press this button to project the blaster
     from the bottom of your ship; release the button to fire.  The
     laser blaser can be aimed by holding the button down and moving the
     Joystick left or right.  But remember, the blaster will not fire
     until the button is released.

Page 3

10.  Scoring.  Your score is kept in the upper left hand corner of the
     screen.  You are awarded points for each attacker you destroy.  As
     you progress through the game, attackers are worth more points, but
     they're also tougher to destroy.

11.  Reinforcements.  For each 1,000 points you gain, you're given a
     reinforcement ship.  You can receive an unlimited number of
     reinforcements during the game.  But, you can only have six
     reinforcement ships on the screen at one time.  No matter how many
     points you score, you must have less than six reinforcement ships
     before the computer will add to your fleet.



The ground attack forces are equipped with radar detection systems which
help them aim their lasers at your ships.  If you allow your ship to
hover in one place too long, the enemy will quickly line up your ship in
its sights, leading to disastrous results.  By flying low to the ground,
you can keep your craft under their radar.

However, as the battle progresses, each new wave of enemy attackers has
a stronger force field, which gradually forces your ship farther away
from the ground, making it an easier target for the attackers' radar to
spot.  Your ship will be pushed higher and higher into space until you
can't go any lower than the very top level  This is when you must be
very quick to avoid enemy fire.

(Transcriber's Note:  This is accompanied by a picture of screen from
the game, pointing out the Score, Reserve fleet, Lead ship and Enemy
forces.  There is also a line drawing of a standard Atari joystick.)

Page 4


Don't give up!  Even though your shipt will quickly lose altitude after
you are hit, you can control the decent of your crippled ship and try to
land on an attacker.  This accomplishes two objectives:  first, it
destroys that attacker, and second it adds the value of the destroyed
attacker to your point total  After your spaceship has been destroyed,
it will be replaced by one of the remaining ships from your fleet (if
any).  When you're out of ships, the game is over.


This isn't an easy game.  It takes quick reflexes, concentration and
stamina to succeed.  We suggest you start out by taking some
"reconnaissance" runs quickly over the attackers.  Test and see their
reactions before you stop and fire back at them.  After you've gotten a
feel for things, try and master Game 1 before moving on to the much
tougher games.

The objective is to "fire and fly" and rack up as many points as
possible, to add reinforcements to your fleet and to stay in the fight
as long as you can.


If you succeed in scoring 100,000 points or more, send us a picture of
the television screen along with your name and address, and you'll be
admitted to the Activision Federation of Laser Blasters.  Score the
maximum 1 million, and all points on the screen will be replaced with
exclamation points.  If you score the ultimate, please send us a photo!
Such an achievement will certainly place you as one of the all time best
video game competitors.

Page 5


Tips from David Crane, designer of Laser Blast

*David Crane is also the designer of Dragster(tm) and Fishing Derby(tm)
by ACTIVISION.  He prides himself in taking on some of the most
challenging game assignments possible.*

"As you will quickly discover, Laser Blast is a game not only of skill
but also of *endurance*.  There's really no time for taking breathers.

"And that brings me to my most important tip.  Always keep your ship in
motion and fire quickly!  A *moving* object is much harder to hit than
one standing still.  Since the attackers are continuously aiming and
firing, you much be quick enough to dodge their fire, move into attack
position and destroy their forces.  Then quickly move on.

"It is possible to stay in one place and fire quickly enough to destroy
your attackers before they zero in on you.  But this is a very tough
strategy to execute and demands superior skill and concentration.

"The game can get a little frustrating at times.  But keep at it and
you'll soon be eligible for membership in the Activision Federation of
Laser Blasters.  And take time out from your space battles to drop me a
line.  I'd love to hear from you."

David Crane

(Transcriber's note:  This section is accompanied by a picture of Mr.

Page 6 (back cover)

Look for more Activision video games wherever you buy video game
cartidges.  Drop us a note and we'll gladly add your name to our mailing
list and keep you posted on new Activision game cartridges as the become


Activision, Inc., 3255-2 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95051

(C) 1981 Activision AG-008-03 Rev. 3     Printed in U.S.A.

Enclosed with the manual is a separate sheet containing the warranty.


Activision, Inc. warrants to the original consumer purchaser of this
Activision video game cartridge that it will be free from defects in
materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of
purchase.  Activision agrees to either repair or replace, at its option,
free of charge, any cartridge discovered to be defective within the
warranty period upon receipt of the cartridge, postage paid, with proof
of date of purchase, at its Factory Service Center.

This warranty is limited to the electronic circuitry and mechanical
parts originally provided by Activision and is not applicable to normal
wear and tear.  This warranty shall not be applicable and shall be void
if the defect in the cartridge has arisen through abuse, unreasonable
use, mistreatment or neglect.  This warranty is in lieu of all other
express warranties and no other representation or claims of any nature
shall be binding on or obligate Activision.  Any implied warranties
applicable to this cartridge are limited to the one (1) year period
described above.  In no event will Activision be liable for any special,
incidental, or consequential damage resulting from possession, use or
malfunction of this cartridge.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty
lasts and/or the exclustion or limitation of incidental or consequential
damages so the above limitations may not apply to you.  This warranty
gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights
which vary from state to state.

Factory Repair:

Activision, Inc.
Service Center
240 S. Milpitas Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035

AG-940-00    12/81 REV. 3

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