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Atari Age - Mangia manual for Atari 2600
Video Game Cartridge


for the Atari and Sears Video Game Systems

Instruction Manual "Your mother has been cooking all day preparing your favorite pasta dish, but then nothing is too good for her favorite!! Now, it's only fair that you put a smile on her face, a gleam in her eyes, and a glow in her heart. How??? How else!!! Eat! Eat - Mangia'! Mangia'! Come on it's good for you!!"
Table of Contents Content page ---------- ------ Getting Started 2 Give it a Twirk 3 Sergio and Frankie 5 Eat! Eat! 6 Scoring 7 Warranty 8 Getting Started 1. Hook up game console 2. Make sure power switch is in off position, before installing any cartridge 3. Insert cartridge in by starting it firmly into cartridge slot. 4. turn console on 5. GAME SELECTOR For 1 player For 2 players 6. Skill level You will automatically start at skill level 1 and then automatically advance to subsequent levels upon eliminating the prescribed plates of pasta 7. To start the game. Just press the "Game Reset" level To restart the game, press the lever again. 8. Use of joytsick. This is described fully in the following pages. Give it a Twirl Panel Indicators: When you are playing Mangia, you will see that all necessary information is displayed on your TV screen. On top, you will see your score adding up... it's the first really enjoyable way of counting calories! On the bottom you will see the number of chances you have left and the amount of pasta left (see accompanying diagram) All day long, your thoughtful Italian mama has been slaving away at the stove, cooking up a plate of your favorite dish: Pasta! Now she's serving it up to you in immense proportions, more than even a good, food-loving Italian boy can handle. What do you do? Mangia! Mangia! Eat! What else can you do? Mama loves you dearly , and you can't break her heart by turning the pasta away. And you can't just keep eating, because you'll burst (you really will.. see p.7!) Well, just in time, along comes help, in the form of Sergio the Italian dog and Frankie the Italian cat. Before we tell you exactly how these Sicilian pets can help you out of your predicament, though, let's first tell you how this great game is played. Object: The object is to score as many points as possible by getting rid of as much of Mama's pasta as you can. The maximum score is 9999. Action: Once the game begins, Mama automatically walks back and forth between her stove and the table, delivering plates of pasta. The cat randonly pops up in the window and the dog walks by from time to time. You control all the action of the boy with your joystick. How to Eat it Up: Each time Mama reaches the table, the number of plates of pasta increases by one. You can't let the plates build up. So what you do is move your joystick to the right to pick up the plate, and then to the left to eat the pasta. Whenever=20 you take a plate of pasta from the table, the number there will be decreased by one. End of Game: You have four chances in Mangia. These are represented by the boy himself plus the three faces on the lower left hand corner of = the screen.=20 When all four chances have been used up, the game is over. Sergio and Frankie In Mangia, both a dog and a cat are a man's best friend! More specifically, they're your best friend. Quite honestly, you could simply never get rid of all that pasta without Sergio the Dog and Frankie the cat. You may not know it, but Italian pets love pasta just as much as their masters. They will be more than glad to take the handout ... but your timing has to be just right. First off, you can't ever let Mama know. It would hurt her feelings to know that her little boy is "passing the pasta." So you must pitch off=20 the stuff when she's not looking. For every time you feed the dog or cat while Mama is looking (facing you) you will be penalized. Both Sergio and Frankie randomly appear, whenever they are hungry (which is pretty often, since the kitchen smells so good!) To feed Frankie when he pops up in the window, you must quickly move the joystick to the right and then up in one smooth motion. To pitch some pasta to Sergio, you must wait until he is in just the right position. Then, you quickly move the joystick to the right and then down in one smooth motion. (Note: your joystick fire button is not used in Mangia.) For errant throws, you will be penalized, as explained in the following pages. Eat! Eat! (Or else! or else!) Too much of a good thing - even as good as spaghetti - can cause you problesm. In Mangia there are several problems you have to worry about. First your table cannot support too much weight...nine plates of pasta to be exact. Should more than nine plates accumulate, the table will collapse! You will lose once chance. If you try to feed a pet (cat or dog) when the pet is not present or directly in your line of fire, you will be punished. If you try to feed a pet when Mama is facing you, you will be punished. In both of the above cases, the punishment is severe - three more plates of pasta. Further more of you let the boy eat too much, his body will grow fatter and fatter and finally burst! If this happens you lose one chance. Twenty plates of pasta is the absolur maximum the boy can cram down. You'll have warnings though. Between 13 and 18 plates of pasta consumed, the boy will grow and change colors. Between 19 and 20 plates consumed, he will once again grow and change to yet another color. Scoring Level # of plates of Description # of Points Ways of Pasta to Start Scored for each playing plate eaten -------------------------------------------------------------------------= 1 31 generally, the 5 Either one 2 32 higher the 6 or two 3 35 level, the 7 players can 4 37 more quickly 8 play at any 5 40 Mama will 9 desired=20 6 42 deliver the 10 skill. 7 45 plates of 11 8 47 pasta. Also: 12 9 49 The higher the 13 level, the smaller the chance that the cat or dog will appear. Notes: - Level Advancing occurs only when all the plates of pasta have been eliminated (i.e. 31 in level 1, 32 in level 2, etc.) - Player receives one extra playing chance for each 1000 pts scored. Awards 0-2500 points.........Chow Hound 2500-5000 points......Order of the Red-checked tablecloth 6000-7500 points......Pasta Prince 7500-9999 points......Super Sicilian gourmet (Maximum Score is 9999)