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No Escape! - Imagic - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

No Escape

               N   O      E   S   C   A   P   E   !

                    Game Program Instructions

Jason has taken the Golden Fleece!  The gods of Olympus are not
pleased.  They wish to test this proud mortal.  Jason wakes to find
himself imprisoned in the Temple of Aphrodite!  Frenzied Furies flash
overhead.  Armed only with stones he finds on the Temple floor, the
resourceful Jason must pit his wiles against there cunning menaces!

TTTTTTT he gods think Jason is doomed.  But Aphrodite dislikes having
T  T  T her sacred Temple used as a prison.  She secretly aids Jason
   T    by giving him great strength.  Each stone Jason throws can
   T    now reach the roof of the Temple and knock a brick free.
  TTT   These sacred bricks destroy any Fury they strike!

"But beware, proud mortal!" the goddess warns.  "Should your aim fail
and a stone strike a Fury directly, he will divide and become doubly


o Throw stones at the Temple roof so that sacred bricks fall on the
  Furies.  If a stone strikes a Fury, the Fury multiplies!
o Avoid the Furies fire -- and falling bricks -- or Jason will lose a
o Keep an eye on Jason's lifeline -- when it turns black, the game
o Destroy all the Furies, then move into the next Temple.



o Insert cartridge and turn power _on_.
o Flip Game Select Lever to choose one of 8 NO ESCAPE! games.
  o Game number appears at bottom of screen.
o To begin action:
  o Flip Game Reset Lever OR
  o oress red firing button on joystick.
o 1-Player versions: use left joystick.
o To pause action at any time: Flip Black/White-Color Lever to
  opposite position.
  o Furies stop firing.
o Action resumes when Jason casts the next stone.
o Difficulty Levers: see "Lives and Lifeline."


Only Jason's stones can free a sacred brick from the roof of the
Temple.  And only a sacred brick can destroy a Fury.  Remember: if a
stone strikes a Fury, the Fury multiplies!

o Jason stands still and flings a stone: it goes straight up.
o Jason moves and throws: the stone curves in the direction he throws.
  o The farther Jason moves before firing, the more curve he applies
    to the stone.
o A stone destroys any falling sacred brick it hits.
o Stones pass through any gaps in the Temple roof.
o Don't waste shots!  The fewer stones Jason throws, the higher your
  score! (See "Scoring.")

[ A screen shot is shown above this section: Jason is the little man
at the bottom of the screen, and the temple roof is the rainbow thing
at the top.  The Furies move in a column above him, back and forth.
The sacred bricks are little falling rectangles.  Your score is below
Jason, and the lifeline is the yellow and black line below the score.
The left end of the line is yellow, and as you are injured, it shrinks
leftward until it is gone. ]


o Jason begins his trial with 4 lives.
  o His Lifeline appears half gold, half black.
o Jason can gain a bonus life at the end of each wave of attack, to a
  maximum of 8.
  o Set Difficulty Lever to:
    o B (Basic): Jason gains a life if he survives a wave.
    o A (Advanced): Jason gains a life if he survives a wave without
      being hit.
    o 1-Player: set Left Difficulty Lever.
    o 2-Player: set both Difficulty Levers: Left for player using left
      joystick, right for the right joystick.
    o Even up odds between players of varying skill!
       o Expert players set their Difficulty Lever to A.
       o Beginners set their Difficulty Lever to B.
o Jason loses a life whenever he is:
   o Hit by a Fury's fire OR
   o crushed by a falling brick.
o Jason loses a life: his Lifeline shrinks.
o Jason's Lifeline turns solid black: the game ends.
o If Jason knocks down all the bricks, he has nothing more to use
  against the Furies.  Reset and play again.

When Aphrodite's Temple dissolves, winged Pegasus appears and carries
the noble Jason into the skies.  For another adventure with Jason and
the Furies, start a new game.



Games 1, 3, 5, and 7 pit Jason against progressively more difficult
waves of Furies -- the higher the game number, the greater the
challenge!  As wave after wave of Furies attack, they become
increasingly devious.  Some chase Jason's stones so that they can
multiply.  Others sense Jason's presence, tipped off by every stone he
throws.  The more stones Jason flings, the more accurate the Furies'
shots become!  This hero has his work cut out for him!


Games 2, 4, 6, and 8 make you match withs with more than frantic

Each Player:

   o takes on similar waves of Furies
   o has own Lifeline
   o registers an independent score
     o left player's Lifeline and Score: Gold
     o right player's Lifeline and Score: Blue
o Play alternates between players at the end of each wave.
o If both players survive the assault, they proceed to the next wave.
o Should one player lose all of Jason's lives, the other continues on
  to the succeeding wave of Furies.
o Both players' scores show at games end, keyed to Lifeline/Score


o Earn 2 points for each Fury you destroy.
o Earn 5 points for each brick left untouched in the Temple roof.
o Players who make every shot count can also earn BONUS POINTS.  Bonus
  points are automatically calculated for you at the end of each wave --
  if Jason survives!
Here's how it works:
o If every stone Jason throws in waves 1 and 2 loosens a brick and
  destroys a Fury, you'll earn 99 points over and above the 5 points
  you've scored for each brick that remains in the Temple roof.
o As "NO ESCAPE!" increases in difficulty, so do your bonus point


[ Legalese deleted... ]

Game Program designed by Michael Greene
Screen graphics assisted by Michael Becker and Wilfredo Aguilar

Consumer Affairs
Kathleen Boothe
P.O. Box 31001
Los Gatos, CA  95031

(c) 1983 IMAGIC
All Rights Reserved
Printed in USA

[ This manual was typed in by Bryan T. Raynor.  Feel free to address
  comments/questions to [email protected] ]

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance