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POOYAN (C)Konami


One day, in the middle of a forest, a group of fierce Wolves attacked the
House where a Mother Pig (Mama) and her little Piglets (Pooyans) were living
together peacefully.  To protect her Pooyans, Mama fought back using arrows
and bait, but despite all her efforts, some of the Pooyans were kidnapped.
Full of hate for the Wolves, Mama bravely seeks out the Wolves' Lair to
rescue her Pooyans.  Will she succeed in overcoming the Wolves and bringing
her Pooyans back home?


Control Lever

I. 	Using the control lever
	1) For a solo game, use the left-hand control lever only.
	   When playing with a partner, Player 1 uses the left-hand
	   lever and Player 2 the right.
	2) Start the game by pressing the red button on the control
	3) When playing with a partner, players take turns starting with
	   the player on the left.
	4) You cannot begin the game from the player on the right.
	5) Move the Mother Pig by pushing the control lever up or down.
	6) When playing with a partner, the player on the left has a white
	   pig, and the player on the right a red one.
	7) Press the red button to shoot arrows and bait from the Mother

				Use Joystick Controllers

Game Selection

II. 	Using the game select switch to choose your game
	1) The game number is displayed in the center of the upper part of
	   the screen.
	2) You can select a solo or partner game, and vary the degree of
	3) If you press the game select button during the course of a game,
	   the play will return to the 'ready' state, and you can select a
	   new game.

Game	 |	No. of	 |	Speed of	 |	Trajectory of
 No.	 |	Players	 |    wolves' stones	 |      wolves' stones
 1	 |	   1	 |			 |	   Horizontal
---------|---------------|			 |	      or
 2	 |   	   2	 |			 |	   Parabolic
---------|---------------|       Slow		 |-------------------------
 3	 |	   1	 |			 |
---------|---------------|			 |	   Parabolic
 4	 |	   2	 |			 |
 5	 |	   1	 |			 |	   Horizontal
---------|---------------|			 |	      or
 6	 |	   2	 |	 		 |	   Parabolic
---------|---------------|	 Fast		 |-------------------------
 7	 |	   1	 |			 |
---------|---------------|			 |	   Parabolic
 8	 |	   2	 |			 |

The difficulty of the game depends on the speed of the wolves' stones and
their trajectory.

Resetting the Game

III. 	Using the reset switch to reset a game during play.
	1) If you press the reset button during the course of a game, the same
	   game will start again from the beginning.
	2) You can use the reset switch even when not playing.

Game Sequence

IV. 	There are two scenes (1 and 2) in this game, and they follow on from each
	other alternatively as one scene has been completed.  The scene number
	is displayed in the center of the upper part of the screen while the START
	melody is being played.


Moving the Mother Pig (Mama) up and down using the control lever, try to burst the
workers' balloons with arrows as they come floating down into the valley.  You can
also make the wolves fall by throwing the bait that appears at the top right-hand
side of the valley.  When the wolves try to grab the bait, they let go of their
balloons and so fall down into the valley.  At the same time, the wolves defend
themselves with shields and attack by throwing stones.  If you allow the wolves to
float safely down to the bottom of the valley, they will climb up the steps and
attack the Mother Pig from behind.


In this scene, the wolves float up from the bottom of the valley (Wolf Valley) with
their balloons, and the Mother Pig tries to stop them using arrows and bait as in the
previous scene.  When six wolves have safely reached the top, they can start dropping
large rocks down on the Mother Pig.  To prevent them from doing this, you must get
rid of the flashing 'boss wolf'.  The 'boss wolf' will appear when there are only
5 wolves left.  If you fail to get the boss wolf, five more wolves will float up.

1) At the start 30 wolves will appear in scene 1, after which it will automatically
   change to scene 2 regardless of the score.
2) Following this, the number of wolves appearing in each scene will increase 1 each
   time the scene changes.
3) In both scene 1 and scene 2, the color of the valley floor will change from yellow
   to green when there are only five workers left.
4) To take the bait that appears at the top-right hand side of the valley, first move
   the Mother Pig up to the level of the bait, release the lever and then push it
   upwards once more.  When she has got the bait, the Mother Pig turns red.


V. The following are mistakes, and you lose one Mother Pig.
   * If the Mother Pig is hit by one of the wolves' stones.
   * If the Mother Pig is eaten from behind by a wolf.
   * If the Mother Pig has a rock dropped on her from above.


VI. If you hit a balloon/wolf/stone with an arrow or the bait you score the following

				Hit with an arrow	Hit with bait
Balloon only		      |		5 points     |
Wolf holding balloon	      |	       20 points     |  80 points
Stone thrown by wolf	      |	       10 points     |  10 points

1) When throwing the bait, it is possible to hit more than one wolf/stone at the same
   time.  However the bait will bounce off the balloons.
2) The score will be displayed up to a maximum of 999,995 points.


VII. Each player has 3 Mother Pigs at the start of the game.  When you score more than
     5,000 points, you get an extra one, but the display can only show up to 4 pigs.


VIII. When you want to play the game again, first check the game number and then press
      the red button on the control lever or use the reset button.

POOYAN (C) Konami

Document typed by [email protected].

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance