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Quest for Quintana Roo - Sunrise - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Quest for Quintana Roo

   Yucatan Sam explores the temples of Quintana Roo searching for the
keys to open the cermonial vault and acquire the riches inside:

   Insert the game cartridge.  Push the POWER switch to the on position.
Depress the GAME RESET switch or press the firebutton to start the game.
The number of game lives is shown in yellow at the top right of the screen.

   On this screen Sam must evade the poisonous snakes while climbing the
outside of the temple to reach the portals to the rooms inside.  Beware
of the moon god's wrath reflecting from the eyes of the temple.  Push the
joystick to the right or left to walk to either side of the temple.  Stand
next to the first step at the side of the temple.  Push the joystick away
from you to walk up the steps at the side of the temple.  Stand next to the
temple on any of the five levels that are paved with red flagstones and 
depress the firebutton to enter the first room on that level.

   On this screen Sam can move around the floor using the various tools and
weapons.  Press the joystick in any of the eight directions to move Sam.
   Depress the GAME SELECT switch to choose a tool or weapon.  Sam's color
changes according to your selection.
   When Sam is WHITE he has nothing in his hand.  Pressing the firebutton
will allow Sam to pick up treasures, supplies, herbs, and map rocks.  When
Sam picks up a map rock he turns YELLOW.  Sam must drop the map rock to
pick up another object or use a tool or weapon.  Pressing the firebutton
when Sam is WHITE or YELLOW will cause him to exit a room if he is standing
in the black doorway.
   When Sam is BLUE he has drawn his gun.  Pressing the firebutton will
shoot the gun.  The number of bullets remaining is shown in blue at the
bottom left of the screen.
   When Sam is RED he has grasped a flask of acid.  Pressing the firebutton
will cause Sam to throw the acid.  The number of flasks remaining is shown
in red at the bottom right of the screen.
   When Sam is GREEN he has grasped his chisel.  Pressing the firebutton
will cause Sam to use his chisel.
   Depress the GAME RESET switch to immediately drop whatever Sam is carrying
(thus turning WHITE in color again).  Pressing the firebutton causes Sam to
pick up objects if he has nothing in his hand.  This will allow Sam to exit
a room if he is standing in the doorway.

   Inside the temple Sam will encounter the following enemies:
     snakes - destroyed by shooting
     mummies - destroyed by acid

   Inside the vaults Sam will find the following objects:
     map rocks - used to open vault
     treasures - used to score points
     acid - restocks Sam's supply

   If Sam is bitten by a snake or spider he has 60 seconds to find the magic
green herbs and pick them up thereby curing himself.  The amount of time
Sam has left before he dies is shown in red at the top center of the screen.

   The air in the temple is very stale.  When Sam enters the temple he has
only 90 seconds of breathable air.  He must exit the temple before this
time is gone of he will die.  The time remaining is shown in white at the
top of the screen.

   In order to open the map vault Sam must grasp a map rock and place it in
the proper map rock hole.  This is done by positioning Sam under the
desired hole and pressing the firebutton.  If the rock is the proper one
the hole will disappear.  If it is incorrect the map rock will be
relocated somewhere in the temple.

   There are two ways to open a vault door.  The first is using the chisel.
If Sam strikes the secret rock with the chisel the vault will open.  In
order to hit the secret rock Sam must be standing as near to the wall as
possible.  The second method uses the acid.  If Sam stands as near to the
wall as possible and throws the acid onto the wall, the vault door will be

   Killing enemies                      100 points
   Opening valut                        100 points
   Picking up treasure                 1000 points
   Inserting map rock                  1000 points
   Opening map vault                   5000 points
An extra man is awarded for collecting 20 treasures without dying.

- Bring all five map rocks to the map vault room before inserting them.
This will make it easier to remember which ones you have tried.
- Save one flask of acid as a defense against the mummy.
- Leave one cache of acid flasks in an exposed vault room as an emergency
- Sam can only carry five flasks of acid at a time.  If you pick up more
you will lose the excess.
- When you are exploring the long columns of rooms keep an eye on your air
timer.  Only explore half of the rooms at a time.
- Remember where the magic herbs are.
- Position Sam's nose under the hole you wish to try when attempting to
insert map rocks.
- Remember.  Sam can only exit a room if he is WHITE or YELLOW.
- To pause the game select the B-W TV type.  To restart the game select
the Color TV type.


This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance