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Robin Hood
TWO video computer games

Robin Hood

Note: Always turn the console POWER switch OFF when inserting or removing
a XONOX Game Program cartridge. This will protect the electronic components
and prolong the life of your ATARI 2600(TM) Video Computer System(TM) game.

Video Game

You, "ROBIN HOOD", are in medieval England trying to right the injustice
of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff has overtaxed the poor
peasants and hoarded their gold in his castle. He is also keeping the
lovely MAID MARIAN against her will in his castle. Your goal is to save
MAID MARIAN and steal the GOLD so you can return it to the peasants. You
must cross the dangerous Sherwood Forrest where the Sheriff's henchmen
lie in ambush. Then on to the castle gate where again you must fight your
way into the castle. Be sure not to shoot your own Merry Men and watch out,
they occasionally might mistake you for one of the henchmen - fighting
with bows and arrows is dangerous!

1. OBJECT of the GAME:

Make your way into the Sheriff of Nottingham's castle and save either
the MAID MARIAN or steal the GOLD so you can give it back to the poor
while collecting as many points as possible before you lose all of your
lives. ROBIN may only carry one of the other prizes back to the Sherwood

Press GAME SELECT switch. the left number indicates 1 or 2 player game.

a) One player game:

b) Two player game:
Player No. 1:

Player No. 2:


a) The top row of numbers is your score.

b) The colored bar below the numbered score shows the amount of arrows
ROBIN has left. He starts with 16 arrows for each life. (In a two
player game, players have different colored bars.)

c) The characters inside this bar show the number of lives ROBIN has left.


Ther are four skill levels in the game. After each successful trip to the
Sheriff's castle, the difficulty automatically increases through three
levels. Players may start on different skill levels by pushing the GAME
SELECT switch. The right number indicates what level the game is on. No. 1
is for novice, No. 2 is for intermediate, and No. 3 is for experienced
players. Also, the A and B difficulty switch allows a fourth level and
provides a handicap feature for the two player game. (A level is for
experienced play and B level is for novice.)


When you insert ROBIN HOOD end of your Double-Ender(TM) and turn on your
game console, Screen No.1 will appear on your screen. One of the Sheriff's
henchmen will be walking through Sherwood Forrest setting up the ambush of
During this screen, the player(s) may choose their skill levels and/or the
number of players who are going to play (see skill levels). When the two
player game is selected, the play action will alternate between No. 1 and
player No. 2 after each life ROBIN looses. The game will return to the
screen level each player was on when last in play.


You, ROBIN HOOD, are on your way from your hide-out deep in Sherwood Forrest
to the Sheriff of Nottingham's castle to save MAID MARIAN and return the
Sheriff's GOLD to the peasant farmers.
As you approach the edge of Sherwood Forrest from the lower left part of the
screen, the Sheriffs henchmen have hidden in ambush and you must fight your
way out of the the forrest. You will have a total of six lives to complete
your task, and each ROBIN will have a total of 16 arrows (see Score Display).
The Sheriff's men will try to shoot ROBIN with an arrow or sneak up on him
and stab him with a knive. Usually the henchmen will appear from behind the
trees where they are hiding.
By facing the henchmen and beeing on the same line on the screen, you can
shoot these men by shooting your arrows (press FIRE BUTTON). You must shoot
at least eleven of the Sheriff's men before you are able to go on to screen
No. 3 (your score will flash to indicateyou are able to move on to the castle
To move to screen No. 3, simply move ROBIN off the right side of the screen
No. 2, but watch out! There may still be some men in ambush. Occasionally,
ROBIN'S Merry Men appear, so be carefull who you shoot at! ROBIN loses a life
if he shoots his own men.


As ROBIN comes out from Sherwood Forrest at the entrance to the Sheriff's
castle, he will appear at the lower left corner on the screen. ROBIN should
move to the center of the castle foreground for he must defeat six of the
henchmen who are guarding the castle ground. Again, ROBIN has sixteen arrows
to complete his entrance, and must be sure not to shoot any of his own men.

When ROBIN has shot at least six men (your score will flash), he can sneak
through the drawbridge or scale the right or left outer wall of the castle.

To open the drawbridge, he must go to the middle of the screen just under the
drawbridge itself. It will begin to open and close. A crossbow arrow from far
away gives added security to the castle and danger for ROBIN. He must time
entry to catch the drawbridge open and not be hit by the arrow.

To climb the left or right side wall of the castle is very, very difficult.
You must position ROBIN to the right of the stone ladder located on the right
side of the screen, or to left of the stone ladder located on the left side
of the screen. The feather in ROBINS hat should be just under the crossbow
arrow that is protecting that part of the castle. The arrows sometimes are
low and sometimes high, so watch carefully! When you see that ROBIN can climb
the stone ladder and avoid the crossbow and drawbridge guard's arrows, move
him straight up so his feather is just higher than midway up the wall. Next,
move ROBIN over the ladder and move quickly over the top of the wall. Tough!


ROBINwill appear at the left of the screen in the castle's basement dungeon.
There will be three doors on this floor, one which hides a secret passage to
the floor above, and the other two are guarded be henchmen. ROBIN must touch
the door to open it and be prepared either to go through it if a henchmen
comes out of another door, or run for another door if a henchmen is behind
the one he touched. When he find the secret passage, he will appear on the
next floor where two doors are located in the center of the room. You can see
that there are stairs leading up to another level and two more doors. Behind
one of the doors is either the Sheriff's GOLD treasure (taken from the poor
peasants) or MAID MARIAN. Behind the other doors are henchmen with knives who
will run after ROBIN and stab him.

ROBIN has run out of arrows so he has only two ways of escaping from the
Sheriff's men:

1. Run up the stairs to the upper level (to run up the stairs you must keep
ROBIN'S feet close to the top of each step by using the diagonal position
of the joystick). Be carefull! If ROBIN steps off the stairs he will fall
and be killed.

2. Jumping off the stairs from the upper level (ROBIN may jump off the
farthest right or left-hand step as long as he is facing left on the left
side and right on the right side, and his feet are in the area just over
the top step. After he jumps he must then quickly run to the opposite
side of the room to escape the henchmen).

Once ROBIN finds and touches MAID MARIAN or the GOLD treasure, he returns to
Sherwood Forrest and play resumes in screen No. 2 in the next higher skill

The game ends when ROBIN runs out of lives.

The two player game will end after both players lose all their lives.

If the player were in different screens when their games ended, then the
different ending screens will flash on the screen and show each player's

* Each henchmen is worth 2,000 points.
* Saving MAID MARIAN is worth 20,000 points.
* Stealing the Sheriff'S GOLD treasure is worth 20,000 points.
* Successfully moving ROBIN through each screen is worth 8,000 points.