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                     ATARI(R) 2600(R) Game Manual


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You're a scientist, and your invention, a pulsating, glowing orb called the
Sentinel, absorbs and stores energy from a variety of sources. Now Earth is
threatened by deadly aliens, and you must use your creation to save your

You must defend the Sentinel against alien attacks as it glides over four enemy
planets, absorbing all alien energy sources in its path.

The Sentinel absorbs the energy from every power pod or energy capsule you
shoot with your light gun. When an energy source is hit, the Sentinel absorbs
the target's energy.

Each of the four alien planets is more difficult to conquer than the last. You
must find and destroy the alien lords who guard each planet's power station.
Destroy the station to destroy the planet. Then move on to the next world.

A single alien entity controls the other alien lords. When you have destroyed
the four worlds, the Sentinel will come face to face with this evil entity.
Defeat the final evil to complete your quest!


1. With your TV switched on, insert the Sentinel cartridge into you Atari 2600
(or 7800) as described in your owner's manual. Switch on your console.

2. Connect a light gun to the left controller port.

3. To begin the game, press the fire button or press RESET.


To enhance play, the following optional game controls allow you to pause and
restart the game:

- If you are using an Atari 7800 press PAUSE to pause the game. Repeat to
resume play. On a 2600, pause the game by moving the B/W button twice (up and
down or down and up, depending on the original location); repeat to resume

- To return to the title screen and restart the game, press RESET.


Sentinel is a fast action arcade-style game requiring lightning fast reflexes
and skillful shooting through four deadly alien landscapes. A direct hit on
enemy power cells, ground and air attack vehicles, colonists, and other
obstacles drain the energy from the alien source and feeds it into the

You begin the game with four lives. Damage from enemy fire bleeds energy from
the Sentinel, and too many hits from enemy fire destroys the Sentinel

The Sentinel moves steadily across each alien landscape. You must destroy
enemies on the ground before they have a chance to fire, and blast enemy ships
out of the sky before they can touch the Sentinel.

Some alies do more damage than others. Each alien world contains a greater
number and variety of alien obstacles than the previous world. The aliens move
with greater and greater speeds, darting in to steal precious energy from the
Sentinel. Try to blast as many aliens as you can and absorb their energy. Try
not to miss an alien. If you miss an alien twice, your energy decreases by one
point. You will need to store a great deal of energy to survive the deadly
battles with alien leaders.

At the end out each alien world you will encounter the spinning space station
of that world's alien leader. The sinister stations quickly repair damage
inflicted upon them. You must shoot fast to destroy the Station befor the
repairs are completed.

You can also pick up power pods and energy capsules on each alien world. These
pods and capsules will enhance your shooting abilities or provide extra
capabilities to the Sentine. (See ITEMS.)


The Sentinel screen is divided into two sections. The top section shows game
action. The lower section is the statistics screen.

The Statistics screen shows, from left to right:

TOP LINE - Current score

= - The number of orbs (lives) remaining.

P - Your current Power Points (50 max)

D - The distance left to the end of the level.

S - Super Shots: only works when this number is at 99. Super Shots slowly
recharge after each use.


You can find the following items on enemy worlds to help you in your battle:

Energy Pod circles the Sentinel.

SUPER SHOTS destroy all enemies on the screen. Activate Super Shots by shooting
one shot at the Sentinel orb itself. You begin the game with three Super Shots
and earn more from Energy Pods. Super Shots are not effective against alien

AUTOMATIC SHOTS cause the Sentinel to automatically absorb energy from enemy
air or ground targets.

MOVEMENT allows the Sentinel to increase vertical movement speed.

ENERGY CAPSULES revitalize the Sentinel.


There are unmarked secret places in each alien world. Locating these hidden
areas and firing at them will provide you with bonus points and items.

Use Super Shots only when you are hopelessly outnumbered or in a similarly bad

Always shoot the enemies closest to you first.


Hover Craft...................70

Bonus Pods....................10

Large Pyramid..........10 to 500
                 (mystery value)
Medium Pyramid...............100
Small Pyramid................250

Big Aliens............50 per hit

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance