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Solar Fox

For the Atari(R) 2600(TM).
For one or two players.


(c) MCMLXXXIII CBS Toys, A Division of CBS Inc.
*SOLAR FOX is a trademark of Bally Midway Mfg. Co.
(c)1982,1983 Bally Midway Mfg. Co. All Rights Reserved.
Atari(R) is a trademark of Atari, Inc.

CBS Electronics


1. Hook up your video game system, following manufacturer's instructions.
2. With the power OFF, plug in the video game cartridge.
3. Turn power ON.  If no image appears, check the connection of your game
system to the TV, then repeat steps 1-3.
4. Plug the Joystick Controllers *firmly* into the jacks of your video system.
Use the LEFT CONTROLLER jack for one-player games.
5. Set the DIFFICULTY switches to A for fast cruise speed or to B for slow
cruise speed (see SPEED CONTROL).
6. Use the GAME SELECT switch to select either the one-player, two-player or
Parent-Play* versions.  The game you select will be indicated on the screen.
Game 1 - One-Player
Game 2 - Two-Player
Game 3 - One-Player (Parent-Play)
Game 4 - Two-Player (Parent-Play)
*See "Parent-Play Versions" in back of booklet.
7. To start the game, press GAME RESET.  The beginning of the game is
announced by the playing of the Solar Fox War Cry, after which you may begin
to navigate your Starship through the first matrix.


Earth has just about had it, Solar Fox.  Centuries of waste have brought us
to the brink of global war for control of what precious energy resources we
have left.  There's only one chance for peace - you!  In a far corner of the
galaxy hover vast, intricate formations of solar energy cells guarded by
ominous, fireball-shooting Sentinels.  Your mission is to navigate through
those matrixes [sic] and capture those cells!  The faster your speed, the
greater your reward.  Your Starships utilize advanced gyro-directional
technology, but the only weapon you have is your skill as a pilot.  And the
supreme test of that skill will take place in the infamous Challenge Racks,
where you'll attempt to unravel the ultimate mystery of your mission.  Good
luck, Solar Fox!


The object of SOLAR FOX is to successfully maneuver your Starship through a
series of colorful, pulsating solar cell matrixes.  Points are scored for
each solar cell you capture and for how fast you clear each matrix.  Players
may also earn the right to complete Challenge Racks for bonus points and
clues to the mystery of SOLAR FOX.


You begin each game with a squadron of three Starships.  Only one Starship at
a time may move about a matrix.  The solid squares in the lower right hand
corner of your screen indicate how many of your Starships are left.
   Use your Joystick Controller to maneuver your Starship through each matrix.
Hold the Joystick with the red button to your upper left toward the screen.
The red button acts as your Starship's speed control.  Starships have no
firepower.  You must *capture* the solar cells not shoot at them.  You will
be awarded one extra Starship for every ten matrixes cleared.


Your Starships travel at a preset cruise speed throughout each game.  Set the
DIFFICULTY switches to A for a fast cruise speed.  Set the switches to B for
a slow cruise speed.
   At fast cruise speed, hold down the red button of your Joystick Controller
to slow your Starship down.  At slow cruise speed, hold down the red button to
speed your Starship up.  To return your Starship to its cruise speed, lift up
on the red button.


There are twenty different solar cell matrixes, not counting Challenge Racks.
Each matrix varies in its shape, composition, complexity and, in some cases,
color.  The more you play SOLAR FOX, the more familiar you'll become with the
unique challenges each matrix presents to you.  Racks 1 to 6 are composed of
single solar cells.  Racks 7 to 20 are made up of double solar cells; each
cell must be passed over twice to be cleared from the screen.  (Points are
scored for both passes).
   When the last matrix is cleared the cycle of matrix patterns is repeated.


Each of the twenty matrixes is guarded by two Sentinels.  Each Sentinel
continually oscillates along the perimeter, shooting a pattern of deadly
fireballs across the play field.  Fireball patterns are based, in part, on
your own Starship flight path.  Fireballs will not destroy Sentinels; just
your Starship.  As you advance into more complex matrixes, the frequency of
fireballs increases and their patterns become more erratic.

        033600          Score
         M              Sentinel
    O O O *   O O O     Fireball
    O   O     O   O
    O O O     O O O
      * O O O O
        O     O
        O O A O *       Starship
    O O O     O O O
    O   O   * O   O
    O O O     O O O
                   W    Skip-A-Rack Timer
SKIP-A-RACK        OO   Number of Ships Remaining


Each of the twenty matrixes is equipped with a Skip-A-Rack timer.  If you
begin a matrix and manage to clear it before the letters of SKIP-A-RACK
disappear, you'll automatically skip the next matrix and earn all the points
available from it.  The length of time alotted for the Skip-A-Rack timer
varies with the complexity of each matrix.
   If your Starship is destroyed by a fireball before the Skip-A-Rack timer
has elapsed, the timer is forfeited for that matrix.
   There is no penalty for failing to beat the Skip-A-Rack timer.


After every fifth matrix of SOLAR FOX, a Challenge Rack appears.  There are
six different Challenge Racks throughout the game, making the total number of
matrixes 26.  These special matrixes require expert maneuvers and precise
timing.  You must clear the Challenge Rack of all its solar cells before the
letters of CHALLENGE! disappear.  Points are scored for each solar cell
captured, but *only if the entire matrix has been cleared*.  When you
complete the Challenge Rack, a code letter will briefly appear on the screen.
This letter is part of a mystery word that has been programmed into your
cartridge.  To get all six letters, you must successfully complete all six
Challenge Racks.  This is no small feat as it requires a perfect mastery of
the intricacies of SOLAR FOX.  The mystery word is your key to exciting new
surprises from CBS Electronics.
   When you complete one Challenge Rack, you'll be able to take on the next
one if you make it through the next five regular matrixes.  If, however, you
fail to complete a Challenge Rack, you'll have another shot at the *same one*
if you make it through the next five regular matrixes.
   Sentinels go into limbo and do not spit out fireballs for the duration of
a Challenge Rack.
   The Skip-A-Rack timer will not skip over a Challenge Rack.  For example:
if you complete the fourth matrix before the Skip-A-Rack timer elapses,
you'll be able to play the first Challenge Rack before you skip to the sixth
   There is no penalty for failing to complete a Challenge Rack besides
receiving no points and having to face the same one again.


The game ends when all of your Starships have been destroyed by the deadly


Two players may compete in SOLAR FOX, alternating turns.  Both Joystick
Controllers are used in this version.  Player One uses the Left Controller
and has yellow ships.  Player Two uses the Right Controller and has blue
ships.  At the end of the game the winning score is left displayed on the
screen.  Select Game 2 for this version.


Games 3 and 4 are, respectively, easier one- and two-player versions of SOLAR
FOX that let parents have almost as much fun as their kids.  The differences
from the regular versions are as follows:
- Only the first six solar cell matrixes may be played.  After the last cell
of the sixth matrix is secured, the first matrix will appear and the cycle
will start over again.
- Decreased speed and frequency of fireballs.
- No Skip-A-Rack timer.
- No Challenge racks.


Your score is displayed at the top of the screen throughout the game.  In
two-player versions, the second player's score appears at the bottom of the

Solar Cell Point Values:
Racks 1 to 5           100 points
Racks 6 to 10          200 points
Racks 11 to 15         300 points
Racks 16 to 20         400 points
Successfully           Number of cells in
completed              rack x cell point value
Challenge Racks        of preceding matrix


1. Learn to use and rely upon your speed control button.  It may be the only
thing that stands between you and many a deadly collision.
2. Avoid hovering around the matrix perimeters for too long.  The sentinels
will quickly sense your presence.
3. To save time, try to pick up as many cells as possible in a single
direction before turning a corner to avoid a fireball.

CBS Toys, a Division of CBS Inc., Neward, NJ 07105     2L 2206 0000

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