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Space Cavern - Apollo - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Space Cavern
Space Cavern by Apollo

You are in command of a Mark XIV intergalactic star-
cruiser in an uncharted quadrant of outer space. You land
on a mysterious planet riddled with a suterranean maze
of tunnels and caverns inhabited by savage Electrosauri
whose horns generate electro-molecular charges capable
of disintegrating you and your crew. Your photon ray
pistol is activated by the joystick and the fire button. The
iridescent eyes of the electrosauri light the cavern walls
with eerie flashes as they stalk you, their horns crackling
and sizzling. If even one blast of electro-molecular energy
strikes you, your skeleton will glow inside your body as the
bio-molecular compounds of your body disintegrate.
WARNING: Beware the savage attack of the shaggy marsupods.

Space Cavern is played with one or two players using the
Joystick Controller. Be sure the power is off when you
insert or remove the Space Cavern cartridge from your
video game system.

The difficulty switch controls the speed of the electro-
molecular charges fired down at you by the Electrosauri.
Placing the switch in the "B" position will slow down the
fusillade fired at your spaceman, while the frenzied "A"
mode will provide the greatest challenge for veteran

Hold your Joystick Controller so that the red "FIRE" button
is in the upper left-hand corner. Use this button to fire
your laser up at the Electrosauri above. Use your joystick
to move your spaceman to the left and right. Pulling back
toward yourself causes him to fire his dirupter ray at the
shaggy marsupods who rush from the right, while pushing 
forward causes him to pivot and fire to the left. NOTE: You
do not have to depress the red firing button to fire left or
right with your disrupter ray.

You land with a crew of four men, and can replace lost
men every time you earn 20,000 points. But four men at
any one time is your maximum force. Two-player games
are played just like one-player games, with players alter-
nating every time they lose a man.

Every large Electrosaurus you destroy earns you 115
points, while smaller ones are worth 165 points. Shaggy
marsupods who rush at your spaceman from caves at his
left and right will earn you 200 points if you can get them
before they get you.


         # OF        # OF       ELECTROSAURI      MARSUPODS    LEVEL
NUMBER   1   2      2    4     STRAIGHT  RANDOM   YES    NO   1  2  3
 1       x          x             x                x          x
 2           x      x             x                x          x 
 3       x               x        x                x          x
 4           x           x        x                x          x
 5       x          x                       x      x          x
 6           x      x                       x      x          x
 7       x               x                  x      x          x 
 8           x           x                  x      x          x
 9       x          x             x                      x    x
10           x      x             x                      x    x
11       x               x        x                      x    x
12           x           x        x                      x    x
13       x          x                       x            x    x
14           x      x                       x            x    x
15       x               x                  x            x    x
16           x           x                  x            x    x
17       x          x             x                x             x 
18           x      x             x                x             x
19       x               x        x                x             x
20           x           x        x                x             x
21       x          x                       x      x             x
22           x      x                       x      x             x
23       x               x                  x      x             x
24           x           x                  x      x             x
25       x          x             x                      x       x
26           x      x             x                      x       x
27       x               x        x                      x       x
28           x           x        x                      x       x
29       x          x                       x            x       x
30           x      x                       x            x       x
31       x               x                  x            x       x
32           x           x                  x            x       x
33       x          x             x                x                x
34           x      x             x                x                x 
35       x               x        x                x                x
36           x           x        x                x                x
37       x          x                       x      x                x
38           x      x                       x      x                x 
39       x               x                  x      x                x
40           x           x                  x      x                x
41       x          x             x                      x          x 
42           x      x             x                      x          x
43       x               x        x                      x          x
44           x           x        x                      x          x
45       x          x                       x            x          x
46           x      x                       x            x          x
47       x               x                  x            x          x
48           x           x                  x            x          x

There are 48 exciting variations of Space Cavern. Select your favorite
with the game select switch on your console choosing from any of the 
variations shown above on the game matrix.

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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance