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Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator - Sega - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator



You are the potential Captain of the USS Enterprise.  Your train-
ing mission: Save the Federation from their most powerful

There are six rounds of action-packed adventure.

Fight off marauding Klingons and menacing Anti-Matter Saucers.
Destroy them before they destroy you or they will deplete your
Strategy Training Units.

Dock with your Starbases to replenish your weapons and repair your

The longer you survive, the more space dangers you'll encounter.
Maneuver through perilous fields of asteroids and blazing meteors.

Store your energy!  Sharpen your navigational skills!  Prepare for the
ultimate challenge: Destroy the deadly, mine-laying NOMAD!

If you're successful, proceed deeper into space for more STAR TREK
action.  Ten different skill levels of unparalleled adventure!

Do you dare to venture where no video game has gone before?  Be
brave, be bold, be daring...but BEWARE!


(Strategy Training Units = points)

* Destroy Klingon cruiser - 100 STU's x (sector + 1)
* Colliding with Klingon - 100 STU's
* Destroy Anti-Matter Saucer - 5000 STU's
* Each remaining green Starbase (not docked with) - 2,000-50,000
  STU's (Sector 0-2000, Sector 1-5000, Sector 2-10000, Sector
  3-20000, Sector 4-25000, each consecutive Sector add an
  additional 5000 STU's)
* Each remaining blue Starbase - 500 STU's
* Destruction of NOMAD - 30000 STU's


The Star Trek controls are key to your survival in space.  A combat 
panel is included that fits over the joystick to familiarize you with 
the Star Trek Controls: 

                       Picure of joystick overlay
                         (SEGA part# 7002-004)

                  \ S   T   A   R     T   R   E   K /
                   |  STATEGIC OPERAIONS SIMULATOR  |
                    \    COMBAT CONTROL PANEL      /
                      \                          /
                  ______                         _____
                 |       --    FIRE                   |
                 |     /    \ <---- | | |-> \    /                         |
                 | |     --                           |
                 | |             THRUST               |
                 | |               ---                |
                 | |            /       \             |
                 | | TURN     /           \    TURN   |
                 | | COUNTER |             |   CLOCK- |
                 | | CLOCK-  |             |   WISE   |
                 | | WISE    |             |          |
                 | |          \           /           |
                 | |            \       /             |
                 | |               ---                |
                 | | FIRE + PHOTON                    |
                 | | = WARP                           |
                 | |-------------->                   |
                 |                                    |
                 |               PHOTON               |


Pushing the joystick FORWARD moves or THRUSTS the Enterprise in whatever
direction it's positioned.

Pushing the joystick LEFT rotates the Enterprise COUNTER CLOCK-WISE.

Pushing the joystick 45 degrees LEFT rotates the Enterprise COUNTER
CLOCK-WISE and THRUSTS it in tha direction.

Pushing the joystick RIGHT rotates the Enterprise CLOCK-WISE.

Pushing the joystick 45 degrees RIGHT rotates the Enterprise
CLOCK-WISE ant THRUSTS it in that direction.

Depressing FIRE button while pulling BACK engages Enterprise
WARP DRIVE function for high-speed maneuverability.

The object of the game is to destroy NOMAD before other
enemies and obstacles destroy you!

You're at the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise.  Your screen is divided 
into three sections.  Each one shows you vital mission data:

GAUGES   A.   |-----> |             A                 |
Energy Shield |       |---------|---------------------|
Photon Torp.  |       |         |                     |
Warp Drive    |-----> |    A    |         B           | <----b. Radar | | | Scanner | | | |---------|---------------------| | | <----C. Viewer | C | |-------------------------------| Shield Force> |              D                |
   Indicator           -------------------------------

A. GUAGES - Tracks your score (Strategy Training Units) and monitors
Enterprise defenses and weapons.  Energy Shields (green squares) and
Warp Drives (blue lines) are your two defenses.  Photon Torpedoes
(red squares) and Phasers (not shown on guage) are your
two weapons.

   Energy Shields - Activate automatically; protect Enterprise from
   enemy fire and damage.

   Warp Drives - Activate by pushing red fire button while pulling 
   back joystick to gain high-speed maneuverability.

   Photon Torpedoes - Pull joystick back to destroy enemies in direct
   path of your Starship.

   Phasers - Activate unlimited number to destroy only one enemy at
   a time by pushing fire button.

B. RADAR SCANNERS -  Your overhead view of the battle zone.  Shows
you the position of the Enterprise and your Starbase while it maps the
constantly changing location of obstacles and enemies.

C. VIEWER - Simulates a 3-D view of the enemy and obstacle encounters. 
It's the view from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

D. SHIELD FORCE INDICATOR - The band at the bottom of your screen
changes color alerting you to the status of your Energy Shields.
   * Yellow - 3 or more shields available.
   * Orange - 2 shields in operation.
   * Light Red - 1 shield remaining.
   * Dark Red - ALERT! Starship Defenses Down!

GAME PLAY - Now you are ready to play STAR TREK.  The game is
divided into ten Sectors (different skill levels).  Each Sector has
six different rounds.

1. Klingon Encounter                    4. Klingon Encounter
2. Klingon Encounter                    5. Klingon Encounter  
3. Asteroid Field or Meteor Shower      6. NOMAD

Guide the Enterprise safely through a round of play and you automat-
ically enter the next one.

After surviving all six rounds in a sector, you automatically move to
the next.  As you advance, your enemies become more aggressive and
dangerous and your victories more rewarding!

KLINGON ENCOUNTERS - In your quest to destroy NOMAD, you
must first survive the attacks of the Klingon Battle Cruisers
and Anti-Matter Saucers.  The enemy vessels have the following

   The Red Klingons ignore the Enterprise but try to destroy the
   Starbases.  If a Red Klingon destroys a Starbase it turns white
   and sets out to ram the Enterprise.

   The Purple Klingons seek to destroy the Enterprise with
   Plasma Energy Orbs.  They will keep enough distance from
   the Enterprise to avoid collision while attacking.  When
   Red Klingons turn white, Purple Klingons also turn white
   and try to ram the Enterprise.

   Yellow Anti-Matter Saucers appear randomly.  If the saucer
   collides with the Enterprise, it attaches itself to the ship 
   and drains all Warp Drive Energy.

All defenses and weapons are available for use during Klingon
Encounters.  If you dock with green Starbases, (by flying into them),
damage to the Enterprise is repaired.  An Energy Shield, a Photon
Torpedo, and a Warp Drive unit are added to your Starship's armory,
if needed.

You may dock with a Starbase only once in each round.  After docking,
the Starbase changes from green to blue.


After surviving two rounds of Klingon Encounters and random attacks
from Anti-Matter Saucers, your Starship must maneuver through Asteroid
Fields or Meteor Showers, seeking Starbases.  Asteroids and Meteors
move across your screen from left to right, faster than the Enterprise.
replenish your supplies as you prepare for your ultimate challenge!

NOMAD is your greatest danger.  His destruction is your greatest

You must hunt down and destroy NOMAD while avoiding its deadly
missles and the mines it lays in your path.  If you strike a mine
or are hit by one of NOMAD's missles, your supplies are depleted.
Skillful maneuvering and rapid fire of your Phasers are the key to
your success.  If you destroy NOMAD, the screen flashes a spectrum
of colors and you receive maximum bonus points.  Your Starship
advances to the first round of the next, more difficult Sector.

Remember, your success means safety for the Federation!


Ater playing STAR TREK several times, you'll discover which
techniques work best for you.  Here are some tips you will find
helpful in your mission:

* Keep the Enterprise moving - Klingons can't easliy destroy a
  moving target.
* Store up Photon Torpedoes for later sectors when enemy Klingons
  are more numerous.
* Learn how to get Klingons to persue the Enterprise in a line, and
  easily destroy them with one Photon blast.
* It always moves away from the Enterprise; to destroy it, make a
  swift about-face and fire away.

* Dock with your Starbase in early rounds to build supplies for more
  difficult rounds.
* Try NOT to dock in later rounds for increased bonus STU's.

* You can only use your Enterprise steering controls.
* Wind your way through obstacles by lightly moving joystick left or
  right to turn and immediately let Enterprise center itself.
* Only for wide sweeping turns should you HOLD the joystick left
  or right.
* During this round, relax and replenish Enterprise supplies and
  prepare for NOMAD.

* Be patient, observe MOMAD's movements.
* NOMAD has a tendency to place mines in a cluster, steer carefully
  towards the mines to trak NOMAD.
* Avoid hitting or shooting mines, they will explode and deplete your
* Effective use of Warp Drive can allow you to position yourself near

Copyright (c) 1983 SEGA ENTERPRISES, INC.
STAR TREK is a trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation.
ATARI and 2600 are trademarks of Atari, Inc.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance