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Super Challenge Football - M Network - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Super Challenge Football

by M Network
c 1982

INSTRUCTIONS (for 2 players only)

The object of the game is to out-score your opponent.  There's passing,
rushing, blocking, and touchdowns!  Simulated 15 minute quarters.  You set
both offense and defense.  Individual control of both the quarterback and


This is two player gridiron action!  One player controls the Home Team, the
other player controls the Visitors.  There are 5 men on offense: 4 linemen
and the quarterback.  There's a 5 man defense: 4 linemen and the
linebacker.  The team with the flashing ball has possession.

The field is regulation 100 yards.  Each quarter begins on the 20 yard
line.  As a team moves downfield, the field moves too!  The score, time
left in the quarter and first down markers are displayed during play. 
During the huddle you will see downs and the quarter of play.

There's passing, rushing, tackling, interceptions and incompletes.  No
kicks!  No out of bounds.  Touchdowns count 7 points (point after touchdown
is automatic), 2 points for a safety.

Check out all the stats during the huddle.  [Image of the screen.  The
quarter time is at the upper center of the screen.  The score is the two
numbers around the quarter time.  The defensive men don't have the ball. 
The down and the quarter are the numbers at the bottom center of the
playing field.  The first down yardage is the blue marker in front of the
ball.  The offensive men is the team with the ball.]


Use your joystick controllers with this game.  Be sure the controller
cables are securely plugged into the back of your game console.  Hold the
controller so the red button is to your upper left.


Before each play, when the teams are lined up on the field, program the 4
linemen.  Before being programmed, each lineman faces the quarterback. 
After being programmed, each lineman faces the opposing team.  Now choose
one of five running patterns, and program all 4 linemen.  Here's how:

  Push red button, without moving joystick: designates the actual pass
  receiver.  (Only Program one actual receiver!)

  Push up: offensive player will block upward

  Push down: offensive player will block downward

  Push* toward quarterback: offensive player will block straight ahead

  Push* toward other team: offensive player will go out for a pass as decoy

  * push left or right, depending on field position.


Before each play, when the teams are lined up on the field, program the 4
defensive linemen.  Before being programmed, each lineman faces the
linebacker.  After being programmed, he faces the opposing team.  Now
choose one of four defensive moves, and program all 4 defensive linemen. 
Here's how:

  Push up: defensive player will rush up then go for QB

  Push down: defensive player will rush down then go for QB

  Push* toward other team:  defensive player will rush offensive player
  straight on then rush the QB

  Push* toward linebacker: defensive player covers offensive counterpart
  going out for a pass

  * push left or right, depending on field position


After all the offensive and defensive men have been programmed, offense
presses the RED BUTTON to hike the ball.  Once the ball is hiked, linemen
carry our their programmed patterns.


Once the ball is hiked, control the quarterback and linebacker with your
respective joysticks.


Once the ball is hiked, press the RED BUTTON and the quarterback passes the
ball towards the receiver.  Once the pass is in motion, the Joystick
controls the receiver.  Move him to complete the pass.


* A quick way to catch the ball carrier is to run off one end of the 
  field.  You quickly reappear at the other end.  This is useful when the 
  linebacker is way behind the quarterback.  Go off the screen and appear 
  ahead of the quarterback at the other end.

* Use directional blocking (up/down) to open up a hole in the offensive
  line, then run through it!

* Program several linemen to go out for a pass.  (Remember, only one actual
  receiver.)  This fakes out defense!

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to turn your game unit off when not in use.

And of course, this game was made by Mattel Electronics in 1982.  This game
manual was typed in by me!  Who am I?  I am Eddie Beiles.  I can be reached
at [email protected] if you have any questions about this game
manual.  Or you can email me and thank me for typing it in.  Anyway, enjoy
the game and this wonderfully typed in manual.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance