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Survival Island

Survival Island

How to Use the Starpath SuperCharger
- Set up your Atari(R) Video Computer System (or any similar game system that takes Video Computer System game cartridges) according to manufacturer instructions. Use joystick controllers
- Make sure power switch is OFF, and insert the Starpath Supercharger with label up. Be careful not to force it or to insert if crookedly.
- Connect the plug on the end of the Supercharger cable to the earphone jack of any cassette recorder/player.* (This jack may also be labeled "monitor," "mon.," "ear," or "output.")
- For best results, keep the cassette player at least a few inches away from the TV set.
- Turn the power switch of the game ON. The TV screen should read "REWIND TAPE, PRESS PLAY." If not, turn the power off and check to be sure the system is properly hooked up and the Supercharger is fully inserted.
- Insert Side A of your game. Side A of the cassette is the quick load side; Side B is the Standard load side. Some cassette players may not load reliably on the quick load side. If so, flip the tape over and use Side B.
- Set volume and tone controls near high or maximum.
- Press REWIND and wait until the tape stops moving. Now press PLAY.
- In a few moments, you will hear the sounds of the game loading and see colored panels fill the
screen. A moment later "STOP TAPE" will appear, and you'll be ready to play your game.

If you have trouble...
- If the tape player makes a screeching noise, you have not plugged the Supercharger cable into the earphone jack.
- If the tape doesn't move, check the batteries in the cassette
- Rewind the tape completely and try again.
- Try Side B of the game
cassette if Side A won't load properly. Set volume and tone controls at high or maximum.
- Move the cassette player farther from the TV set and try again.

* If you use e large cassette deck with a "phone" type earphone plug, you may purchase an adapter at most electronics specialty stores.

Changing Games

To load another Starpath game: Flick the power switch OFF, then ON again
- Rewind and replace the cassette with another Starpath game cassette.
- Rewind the tape, then press play.

To remove the SuperCharger:
- Turn the power switch OFF.
- Gently remove the SuperCharger.TM

Survival Island

The Object:
Meet the challenges of a devastating shipwreck and a desolate wilderness island; then explore the mysteries within the secret temple.

The Situation:
While sailing across uncharted waters in the South Pacific searching for the ruins of a lost civilization, a sudden storm ravishes your vessel. As your ship sinks, you struggle to keep afloat, knowing that your only chance is to reach the island that looms in the distance. A raft from the ship floats nearby. Swimming with grave determination through shark infested waters, you reach the raft and manage to clamber aboard. Now you stand a chance.
Food and water are your next concerns. Without an adequate supply, you will surely perish. Occasional debris from the ship floats by as you slowly drift toward your destination. Containers of food and water appear. If you could only collect them before you reach the island, you would be able to live on them while you explore the island.

The Multi Load Feature
Survival Island is too complex a game to be "loaded" into the Starpath SuperCharger at one time. So the cassette tape is divided into three sections, each of which is loaded separately from the cassette player into the SuperCharger.

Load 1: Shipwrecked
Load 2: The Wilderness Island
Load 3: The Secret Temple

Important: Be sure to press the STOP button on your cassette recorder as soon as the "STOP TAPE" message appears on the TV screen. If you're too slow, you may let the tape run past the beginning of the next load.
If the beginning of a load is missed, or if a loading error occurs, a "REWIND TAPE" message appears. No problem. Just wind the tape back to the beginning, then press PLAY. The SuperCharger will find the correct load automatically--and once again the "STOP TAPE" message will appear. Be sure to wait for the tape to pass through any unwanted loads.

Special Instructions
The right difficulty switch will place the game in PAUSE.
Code Number: If you have already completed the first or second load, you have been given a 12-digit code which you should have written down. Entering the code at the beginning of the first load will allow you to continue the game from where you left off. If you don't have a code, just hit RESET to start the game.
To enter a code, use the left joystick to move the "pointer" left and right along the displayed code. Push the button to change the number highlighted. Place the pointer on START and push the button to start a game with the displayed code value.

Load 1:
You start with 99 LIFE points. If your life reaches zero, you perish. To gain life, feed the black octopus some food while you're in the raft. The display shows your game time and LIFE, FOOD, and WATER points. Watch for special messages.

You are constantly drifting toward the island (unless you paddle backwards, toward the bottom of the screen). You must collect food and water in order to survive on the island. When you touch floating food and water with your raft, you increase your supply. Be careful to avoid the sharks and sea creatures--they can knock you out of your raft and if they touch you in the water, you will perish. If you do lose your raft, you will also lose all your supplies. Keep swimming--your raft will reappear.
The joystick button can be used to move faster, but this will cause your LIFE force to decrease. Watch your LIFE!
When you reach the island write down your code, then hit the joystick button and go on to the next load.

Load 2:
Having reached the island, you are now attempting to find the secret temple. Beware of the many hidden traps, snakes, toadstools and other obstacles. Remember to collect all the materials you will need to storm the temple. Once you are in the temple, there is no turning back, so be sure you are properly equipped.
The menu will show the following:

Normal Mode: The fastest way to travel.
Search Mode: A slower way to travel, but it allows you to touch objects with your stick without getting hurt. Eat Food: Use if nourishment needs Drink Water: replenishing.
Discard Item: The item selected (shown by inverse Use Item: color) can be discarded or used.

The display will also show you the objects you are carrying. Touching an object collects that object,

if you can carry it. Otherwise, the effect of the object will take place immediately. If you don't know what an item is, touch it with your cane while in the search mode and it will not harm you.
Mode changes are made by first pushing the joystick button, and then moving the joystick which allows you to step through the different modes. Pushing the button again will execute the mode selected.
Entering the temple completes this load, but to do that, you must first find the key to unlock the door. Save your code. Hit the joystick button and go to the secret temple.
Hint: You may wish to map out the whole island on paper in order to learn how to get to the temple and to find where all the needed objects are located.

Load 3:
The maze of the temple is divided into numerous sections. To progress from one section to another requires finding the key object for that section and then passing through the magically barred wall. Beware of one-way walls, transporters, and other inconveniences--all are designed to thwart outsiders from being able to map their way to the secret chamber within. If you find the chamber, your survival will be guaranteed.
Note: Transporter squares are invisible and can only be found by walking into them. There is no other way to detect them.
Hint: Again you may wish to map out each section on paper. Take into account transporters and one-way walls.

Your performance is determined by the amount of time required to find the chamber and your LIFE points when you get there.

To order games, call toll free:

(800) 227-6703 Outside California
(800) 632-7979 Inside California

Atari and Video Computer SystemTM are trademarks of ATARI, INC. Starpath Corp. is not related to ATARI, INC.

(c) 1983 Starpath Corp. Printed in USA.
(c) 1983 Starpath Corp. (Game Program)

Limited 90 Day Warranty
STARPATH CORP. warrants to the original purchaser of this STARPATH product that it will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for ninety days from the date of purchase. If this product is discovered to be defective within the warranty period, return to place of purchase for replacement.
This warranty is limited to electronic and mechanical parts within the product. It is not applicable to normal wear and tear and is not applicable and shall be void if the defect has arisen through, or the product shows signs of, misuse, excessive wear, modifications, or tampering.


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Should your SUPERCHARGER require service after the ninety day limited warranty period, a charge of $15 will be assessed to restore it to full working condition. Send the SUPERCHARGER unit, shipping prepaid to:
P.O. Box 209
Santa Clara, CA 95050.