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Swordquest: Fireworld - Atari - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Swordquest: Fireworld
ATARI 2600

NOTE: Always turn the console POWER switch OFF before inserting or removing 
and ATARI Game Program cartridge.  This will protect the electronic 
components and prolong the life of your ATARI 2600 Video Computer System game.


Welcome to FireWorld.  You may have already travelled through EarthWorld and 
succeeded in solving the EarthWorld puzzle.  FireWorld is the second in a 
series of four worlds that you must pass through on your quest for the Sword 
of Ultimate Sorcery.

You enter FireWorld as a mighty warrior.  Your skill and courage will be 
tested with dangerous trials and obstacles.  The object of the game is to 
solve the puzzle.

The FireWorld puzzle is based on the Tree of Life, with ten rooms linked 
together by ten rooms with doorways.  FireWorld has ten treasure chest rooms, 
some containing different magical objects.  These objects will help you on 
your journey through FireWorld.  Carrying particular objects will help you 
find clues.  Before you can explore these rooms, you'll be called on to 
demonstrate certain skills, just as Torr and Tarra are tested in the FireWorld 
comic book.  As a warrior, your skills are important to conquering FireWorld.  
To help you on your quest, you will be armed with the FireWorld comic book 
which contains additional clues.  Some clues will come from a combination of 
both the comic book and the Game Program cartridge.  These clues will refer 
back to the enclosed comic book and hint at the solution to the FireWorld 

You have just leaped into the blazing flames of FireWorld - see if you can 
survive and triumph!

As a warrior, you'll need courage and skill, but you'll also need to be a 
detective and an explorer to find the hidden clues and solve the FireWorld 

Remember, this game is a puzzle.  These instructions will not tell you how to 
solve the puzzle, but together with the comic book, will help you find the 
necessary clues to solve the puzzle.  You will have to use trial and error 
methods to obtain the information needed to solve the FireWorld puzzle.

In Fireworld, you will encounter ten different rooms.  There are 16 objects 
randomly located throughout these rooms, but you can only take six objects at 
a time.  As you leave the right objects(s) in the correct room(s), you will 
reveal clues that will help you solve the puzzle.  FIGURE 1 shows what each 
object looks like.  These are some of the magical objects which help Torr and 
Tarra in their quest for the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery.

(Figure 1: Inventory of Magical Objects)
Oil Lamp, Water, Rope, Talisman of Passage, Amulet, Ring, Chalice,
Leather Armor, Cloak of Invisibility, Warrior's Sword, Shoes of Stealth, 
Grappling Hook, Dagger, Short Sword, Shield, Food

The most important object you will seek is the chalice.  Without it, you will 
be barred from entering a secret room.  This secret room is at the center of 
the tree of life.  The magical chalice contains water to cool and protect Torr 
and Tarra from the intense heat of FireWorld.  When you find it, magic doors 
will open for you.

If you leave the right object(s) in the appropriate room(s), you will receive 
a clue display.  In the center of the display is your clue, for it is your key 
to solving the puzzle.  (See FIGURE 2 for sample clue display.)

(Figure 2: Clue Display)
Each clue will refer back to the comic book.  For example, then numeral 05 
could mean: Look on page 5 for a clue to the FireWorld puzzle.  By trial and 
error, you will learn how to interpret each clue.

Before you can enter the ten treasure chest rooms in FireWorld, you will be 
expected to perform a skill and action sequence.  For example, you might be 
required to catch razor-sharp knives, dodge flaming fire-birds, or even kill 
venomous snakes.  Torr and Tarra must also survive some dangerous stunts.

After completing the skill and action sequences, you, like Torr and Tarra, 
shall gain wisdom, mercy, power, understanding, and perhaps valuable prizes 
as well.  (See FIGURES 3-8 for sample skill and action sequences.)

(Figure 3: Deadly Snakes)
A real test of courage. You must pass through a deadly pit of venomous snakes.

NOTE: Some skill and action sequences might appear to be repeated, but will 
lead you to different treasure chest rooms.

(Figure 4: Flaming Firebirds)
Dodge the flaming firebirds, for if you touch them, they become wild.  
However, if tamed, these birds could lead you to a treasure chest of magical 

(Figure 5: Flying Fire Goblins)
You must catch and place these fire goblins in a box.

(Figure 6: Flaming Hot Knives)
Protect yourself from hot knives that fall from the ceiling by guiding the 
knives into a stationary pit.

(Figure 7: Fire-Breathing Dragons)
Use your arrows to shoot down flying fire-breathing dragons, but watch out 
for their hot flames.

(Figure 8: Jawing Salamanders)
What appear to be innocent snakes could turn out to be huge jawing 
salamanders.  You must dodge the salamanders to stay alive.

You must complete each skill before you can enter a room in which to leave or 
retrieve your objects.  When you encounter a skill and action sequence, 
experiment with the Joystick and the red controller button.  Some sequences 
require the use of the Joystick; some the red controller button.

Use your Joystick Controller with the Atari Game Program cartridge.  Be sure 
to plug the controller cable firmly into the LEFT CONTROLLER jack at the back 
of your ATARI 2600 Video Computer System game.  Hold the controller with the 
red button to your upper left, toward the television screen.
(See your Owner's Manual for further details.)

To start the game, press the red controller button.  Use the Joystick to move 
your warrior up, down, right, or left through the maze of rooms.

To pick up an object, position the cursor directly over the object and press 
the red controller button.  The object will then appear at the bottom of the 
screen and will continue to move with you until you decide to leave it in a 
room.  To leave an object in a room, move to the bottom of the screen, 
position the cursor directly over the object, and press the red controller 
button.  The object will stay in the room until you pick it up again.

To move from room to room, position your warrior in a doorway, (see FIGURE 9) 
and walk through the exit and down the hallway into another room 
(see FIGURE 10).

NOTE: Some doors are locked, which means they are invisible.  
However, certain objects will allow you to unlock these doors.

(Figure 9: Room with Doorways) 

(Figure 10: Hallway)

If you press the red button while in a room with doorways, you will move into 
a skill and action sequence.  After you have completed the skill, the program 
automatically moves you into another room with doorways or into a treasure 
chest room with objects.  If you find yourself in a treasure chest room 
(see FIGURE 11), you may pick up or drop off any object.  Remember, you can 
only carry six objects at a time.  To leave a treasure chest room, move the 
cursor to the small open door in the lower left corner of the room, and press 
the red controller button (see FIGURE 11).

(Figure 11: Treasure Chest Room)
Cursor, Open Doorway, Objects

GAME SELECT is not used in FireWorld.

Press GAME RESET during the game play to return to the first display and start 
the game over.

The RIGHT and LEFT DIFFICULTY switches are not used in FireWorld.

Set this switch to COLOR if you're playing on a color television set.  
Set it to B-W to play the game in black and white.

1. Use paper and pencil while playing FireWorld.  Write down clues, and keep a 
log of different moves for reference during game play.

2. Just because you use an object to obtain one clue, doesn't mean the same 
object can't help you again.


Lafe Travis
I'm a Yosemite Sam Fan, that's what I am!
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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance