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Up n' Down - Sega - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Up 'n Down
                            Bally/Midway (TM)
                                Up 'n Down

                           Official Arcade Game
                               By Sega (R)

                   Atari (R) 2600 (TM) and Compatibles

You're racing your BAJA BUGGER over a dangerous, treacherous road.  But 
your opponents aren't just trying to win the race, they're trying to make 
it the last race you run.  To stay alive, jump your BAJA BUGGER and land 
on top of your opponents.

Earn points by collecting flags, balloons and other prizes along the 
course.  Watch out for PICK-UP TRUCKS and WEDGE CARS.  They'll try to 
collide with you...and if they do, you're dead.

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the wildest strip of road you've 
ever been crazy enough to drive.

(Editor's note: the cover artwork of the BAJA BUGGER looks like a crazed 
Volkswagon Beetle [or Bug].  Please note its similarity to Hanna-Barbera's 
"Speed Buggy.")


1. Insert the game cartridge while power is OFF.

2. Turn the power ON and you'll see the UP 'N DOWN title screen.

3. Use GAME SELECT switch to select ONE or TWO players.  If no
   selection is made, you are automatically in the one-player mode.
   When two are playing, the players take turns, Player 1 using the
   LEFT joystick and Player 2 using the RIGHT joystick.  The game
   will continue as a two-player game until the power is turned off.

4. Game Settings
   Choose the EASY game (which gives you five lives) or the HARD game
   (which gives you only three lives).

   Left Difficulty Switch:  (B) or NOVICE chooses EASY JUMPS
                            (A) or EXPERT chooses HARD JUMPS

   Right Difficulty Switch: (B) or NOVICE chooses 5 game lives
                            (A) or EXPERT chooses 3 game lives

   EASY JUMPS: The jumps from road to road are very forgiving until
   Round 4; i.e., the game makes up for incomplete jumps from one road
   to another.  From Round 4 on, the jumps from road to road must be

   HARD JUMPS: These jumps must be exact from the start.

5. Press ACTION button on the left joystick to start the game.  If no
   game is started after one minute of turning the game on, the play
   will automatically begin.

6. Use your four-way joystick to maneuver your BAJA BUGGER over the
   race course.

                              Increase speed
                     Turn Left  <-->  Turn Right
                              Decrease speed

7. Press the ACTION button to make your BAJA BUGGER jump.  You can
   jump from one road to another, or from point to point on the same

   NOTE: The BAJA BUGGER can only jump while moving forward and can
   only jump straight up.  If you pull back on the joystick control
   while jumping, the BAJA BUGGER will accelerate backwards until the
   jump "action" is complete.  This is important because you may want
   to move backwards to collect flags and other prizes.

8. After the game is finished, you may use the ACTION button to start
   another game.


Screen and Game Play
The screen shows a race track which scrolls from the top of the screen to 
the bottom.  (Ed. note: a picture of the game is placed here; however, it 
looks somewhat different than the actual game.  I believe it is an 
artists' conception of the final product.)  A flag display at the top of 
your screen indicates the number of flags you've collected.  The flags in 
the display turn white as you collect them.  Flags are simply collected by 
driving over them with your BAJA BUGGER.

The course has at least two lanes which zig-zag across the screen and will 
intersect along the way.  Some roads might lead to maps which let you jump 
across stretches of broken road.

If you jump and land off the road at any point you lose one of your cars.  
In the EASY game, after you lose your fifth BAJA BUGGER, the game is over. 
 In the HARDER game, after your third BAJA BUGGER is destroyed, the game 
is over.

(There is a picture of BAJA BUGGER jumping on top of a car.)

The number of BAJA BUGGERS you have remaining is indicated by the little 
car token shapes in the lower left corner of the screen.

The courses become more difficult to survive as you progress from one road 
to the next, up to road nine.  When all eight flags have been collected, 
you advance to the next, more difficult round.

As your BAJA BUGGER travels along the track, you'll encounter various 
opponents along the way.  They may come from behind or may be moving in 
front of you at a slower speed.  You earn points for successfully jumping 
on top of them.  If you collide with any of these opponents or jump up and 
off the track, you lose one of your BAJA BUGGERS.

(There is a picture of BAJA BUGGER crossing over the grassy field to go 
from one road to another.)


The score for the current player is displayed in the upper left hand 
corner of the screen.  The score for Player 1 is shown in RED color.  The 
score for Player 2 is shown in BLUE color.

Each round you advance will bring new opponents to the track.  You'll have 
to be more aware not to collide with them.  Be ready to jump them for 
added points.

Here's how you earn points:

  Collect Flag..........................75 Points
  Collect Cherry........................50 Points
  Collect Balloon.......................65 Points
  Collect Lollypop......................70 Points
  Collect Ice Cream Cone................75 Points
  Jump on Pick-up Truck................100 Points
  Jump on Flag Carrier.................125 Points
  Jump on Camaro.......................150 Points
  Jump on truck........................175 Points


(Ed. note: I have included the following section, Sega's advertisements 
for their other video games.  Due to time constraints, I will be listing 
the games only with any other pertinent information.)


Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom (Sega, Official Arcade Version)
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (Sega, Official Arcade Version)
Congo Bongo (Sega, Official Arcade Version)
Spy Hunter (Bally/Midway, Official Arcade Version)
Tapper (Bally/Midway, Official Arcade Version)

Published by Sega (R) Enterprises, Inc.

Manufactured under license from Sega Enterprises, Ltd., Japan.

UP 'N DOWN is a trademark of Sega Enterprises, Ltd.  Video game copyright 
(C) 1983 Sega Enterprises, Ltd.

BALLY/MIDWAY is a trademark of Bally Midway Mfg. Co.  Atari and 2600 are 
trademarks of Atari, Inc.

Package and program copyright (C) 1984 Sega Enterprises, Inc.

STAR TREK is a trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation.

CONGO BONGO is a trademark of Sega Enterprises, Inc.

BUCK ROGERS is a trademark of The Dille Family Trust.

TAPPER and SPY HUNTER are trademarks of Bally Midway Mfg. Co.

This 2600 video game manual has been reproduced electronically due to the 
extreme rareness of finding the game, less than finding it with the 
manual.  The intent behind reproducing this document is having it 
available for non-profit use.  This document has been stored so others who 
find UP 'N DOWN cartridges can be able to play and enjoy the game as well.

                    Norman G. Sippel  [email protected]
    Fan of Video Games, Spumco Inc., Freehead, Card Games, and Animation
   I collect and trade SNES, GB, Colecovision, and Atari 2600/7800 games.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance