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Bumper Bash - Spectravision - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Bumper Bash by Spectravision

Spectravideo Bumper Bash (tm)

Getting Started

The Game

Great news for pinball fans! Now you may possess your own pinball machine and enjoy your game leisurely at any time! Although you might lose the thrill of cheating the machine by shaking it, you can have a fair play. It is a genuine test of your response, your eyesight and your judgement through manipulating a pair of Flippers.

Getting Started

1. Hook up game console.
2. Plug a set of game paddles into the left controller jack.
3. Turn the power off and insert the cartridge into the slot.
4. Turn the power on. Use the reset switch or either paddle button to start/restart the game.

[line drawing of six-switch 2600 with paddles, and cart mysteriously floating toward the slot]

Playing the Game

1. Familiarize yourself with your pin-ball machine first:  [depiction of screen]

2. Adjust the plunger position by pressing either paddle button.

3. Fire the ball by pressing both buttons simultaneously.

4. Once a ball is launched, these buttons become your vital weapon: the flipper controllers.


Just like the pin-ball game, you are given 5 balls per game. Keep this in the playfield. Avoid the side drains as well as the gap between 2 flippers. Of course, you have got to score marks. Here are more useful tips:

* Rollovers

As a ball passes through a rollover, an alphabet [a letter] will be displayed right on the spot. If you get three alphabets, then 2 ball kickers will be be generated, and your ball will be saved from draining down the side.  If these alphabets are lit a second time with the same ball, you win an extra ball.

* Drop Targets

If you hit all three top drop targets, the score of the bumper pair increases. The second time, the score of the top bumper is increased. The third time, bonus will be granted once the rollover buttons are hit. After this, completing the targets spots the left rollover alphabet. Targets are reset on each new ball with any feature gained remains until the game is over.

* Spinner

The spinner rotates the target value from 1 to 9.  Hitting the rail bumpers causes the flashing switch between the sets of targets. Flashing targets score a bonus point.

['nother depiction of screen, with objects numbered]

1 ROLLOVER BUTTON [three horizontal lines beside ACE, at left and right]
2 ROLLOVER [ACE letters at top]
3 GAME SCORE [six digits at top]
4 TOP BUMPER [small oval below 'C']
5 BUMPER PAIR [larger diamond shapes to left and right, middle]
6 BOTTOM DROP TARGETS [bank of four small squares to left, middle]
7 RAIL BUMPER [what most people call the "slingshots", left and right bottom]
8 FLIPPER [I do hope you've played pinball at least once; two, at the bottom]
9 BONUS [small squares lined up at screen bottom, left of center]
10 MULTIPLIER ["X n" at screen bottom, right of center]
11 BALL KICKERS [in left and right drains after making rollovers]
13 DROP TARGET VALUE [large digit in playfield center]
14 ROLLOVER BUTTON [two, below each of #5 BUMPER PAIR]
15 TOP DROP TARGETS [back of four small squares to right, upper middle]
16 SPINNER [playfield center, between two posts]

Scoring Table

Once You Bash Then You Score
Top Rollover 100
Rollover Button 50
Top Bumper 50 or 500 when flashing
Bumper Pair 10 or 100 when flashing
Spinner 10
Drop Target 100 x Drop Target Value
Rail Bumper 5


The following advances the bonus value:

* Top rollovers
* Button rollovers after the top targets have been completed 3 times
* Flashing drop targets

Each bonus point is worth 1,000 points in your final game score.