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Pole Position

*POLE POSITION is engineered and designed by Namco Ltd.
manufactured under license by Atari, Inc. Trademark and (c)
Namco 1982.

NOTE: Always turn the console POWER switch OFF when inserting
or removing an ATARI Game Program cartridge. This will protect
the electronic components and prolong the life of your ATARI
2600 Video Computer System game.


POLE POSITION consists of two races: the Qualifying Lap and
the Grand Prix. In both races you're racing against time and
other cars. The longer you race and the more cars you pass,
the more points you score. You earn 10,000 points for
completing a lap and 50 bonus points for each car you pass. A
lap is one complete circuit of the race course (see diagram).

The Qualifying Lap is 90 seconds long, but you must complete
it in 73 seconds (L/73"00) or less to qualify for a position
in the Grand Prix.

If you don't qualify, you can continue racing until the Race
Timer counts down to zero. Then your car stops, a bonus for
the number of cars passed is added to your score, and the game

If you qualify, your car is positioned for the Grand Prix and
a bonus for qualifying is added to the 10,000 points you
scored for completing the lap. The faster your lap time, the
better your position and the bigger your qualifying bonus (see
SCORING). Go for POLE POSITION, the number one starting spot.
It's worth 4000 bonus points.

In the Grand Prix, your object is to finish the race in the
shortest possible time. At the end of the last lap, a time
bonus for each second left on the Race Timer is added to your
score, in addition to a bonus for the number of cars passed.

The race is four laps long. Complete each lap before the Race
Timer runs out to earn "extended play" time and go on racing.
If the timer runs out before you finish a lap, your car stops,
your passing bonus is added to your score, and the game ends.

Your score, the gear you're in (LO or HI), the Race Time (T),
the Lap Timer (L), and the Speed Line (0 to 200 mph) appear at
the top of the screen.

Press the red button on your Joystick Controller or GAME RESET
to start the Qualifying Lap. See CAR CONTROLS for steering,
shifting, and braking instructions.
                  ##  Start
    /                                 \
   /             .-,      ____________/
  |             /  |    .'             |
   \           / | |  .'               |
    \._______./  | `-'                 |
   |             |    |         First Corner
   |             |    |
 Final Corner    |   0.1 Km Radius Turn                     
            Hairpin Turn          


QUALIFYING LAP. Fanfare music signals the start of the
Qualifying Lap. Your car starts automatically in low gear.
When the red Speed Line is about halfway to 200 mph, shift
down into high gear. Now all you have to do is finish the
Qualifying Lap in 73 seconds or less and pass cars without
crashing into them.

GRAND PRIX. Get set when you hear the three low warning tones
and GO on the high pitched tone.

Chequered flags flash in the score counter when you're close
to the end of a lap. When you finish a lap, four short notes
sound, your car flashes, and extended play time is added to
the Race Timer. Check the Race Timer at the start of each new
lap so you'll know how much time you have to complete the lap.

REMEMBER! If you fail to beat the Race Timer on any lap, your
car stops, your passing bonus is added to your score, and the
game ends.

After the fourth lap, your time bonus (200 points for each
second remaining on the Race Timer) and passing bonus are
added to your score. Then your total time for the race (in
seconds) flashes alternately with your final score.

CRASHING. Crashes aren't fatal, but they slow you down, and
lost time means lost points. Cars can switch lanes, so watch

RUNNING OFF THE TRACK. Running on the red-and-white shoulder
slows you down a lot, but sometimes it's the only way to avoid
a crash.


Hold the Controller with the red button to your upper left,
toward the television screen.

Press the red controller button or GAME RESET to start the
Qualifying Lap. Press GAME RESET to interrupt a race and
return to the Qualifying Lap. GAME SELECT and the two
DIFFICULTY switches have no function in this game.

STARTING. Your car starts automatically in low gear.

SHIFTING GEARS. Move your Joystick up for low gear, down for
high gear. Top speeds are 100 mph in low, 200 mph in high.

STEERING. Move your Joystick right to steer right, left to
steer left.

BRAKING. Press the red controller button.


*    Passing Bonus: 50 points for each car passed.

*    Time Bonus: 200 points for every second left on the Race
     Timer at the end of the last lap of the Grand Prix.

*    Qualifying Bonus:

          Position            Lap Time       Points

          POLE POSITION       58"50          4000
          2nd                 60"00          2000
          3rd                 62"00          1400
          4th                 64"00          1000
          5th                 66"00           800
          6th                 68"00           600
          7th                 70"00           400
          8th                 73"00           200


*    Shift into low gear after crashing. It will take you less
     time to get back up to speed.

*    Go flat out on straights. This is where you can make

*    Stay in the centre on straights so you can easily pass to
     the left or right of other cars.

*    Take the inside lane on curves whenever possible. If you
     have to pass, it's easier to shift from the inside lane
     to the outside lane than the other way around.

*    Try to keep your car as straight as possible to avoid
     skids. Skids slow you down.

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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance