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Amidar is a trademark of Konami Industry Co., Ltd. and is used by Parker Brothers under authorization

For Atari & Sears Video Game Systems

First you're a gorilla in a maze pursued by wild warriors! The gorilla wants to color in the maze and the warriors want to do in the gorilla. It's up to you to keep the gorilla ahead of the patrolling pack while you guide him on his coloring spree every which way throughout the maze. If you're successful, suddenly you're a paint roller pursued by patrolling pigs. And it's another fast and furious chase all over again!


The object of the game is to "color in" as many mazes as you can while avoiding the patrolling warriors or pigs- and to collect the most points along the way.


1. Set the DIFFICULTY switch:

Position A- starts the game at level 1; five warriors patrol the maze at the slowest speed. Position B- starts the game at level 3; six warriors patrol the maze at a faster speed

Sears Video Arcade owners... If you wish to start the game at level 1, set the difficulty switch at Expert; if you wish to start at level 3, set it at Novice.

2. Press down the GAME RESET switch and the action begins.

THE JOYSTICK CONTROLLER -----------------------

Since this is a one-player game, you'll need only one Joystick. Plug the Joystick into the LEFT controller jack. Make sure you plug it in firmly. Use the Joystick to maneuver the gorillas and paint rollers up, down, left, and right throughout the maze.

PLAYING -------

The first round in AMIDAR is the warriors and gorilla game. In this round, you'll have three gorillas with which to color in the entire maze. As soon as you hit the RESET switch, you'll see the first gorilla at the right-hand side of the maze. There will be a short pause, and the action will begin. Throughout the round, the number of gorillas available to you will be monitored in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

As soon as the warriors begin their patrol, start your gorilla coloring his way throughout the maze. To color, you must move the gorilla along the lines that form the various "boxes" inside the maze. Trace one side of a box, and the side turns blue. Trace all four sides of a box, and the box turns blue. Try to color in the entire maze in this way. You don't have to trace all four sides of one box before you trace another. You may move any which way throughout the maze that you wish. Just don't run into a warrior- or he'll squash your gorilla.

HOW THE WARRIORS MOVE ---------------------

Because the warriors are unrelenting patrollers, you'll need to know a few things in order to dodge them:

o WARRIORS ALWAYS TURN THE NEAREST CORNER THEY ENCOUNTER. Let's say a warrior is coming at you. Don't panic! Because if there's a corner between you and the warrior, the warrior will turn the corner and you can be on your way.

o WARRIORS CAN INTERSECT ONE ANOTHER. When they do, each will continue to move in it's own direction, turning the nearest corner it encounters.

o WARRIORS ALWAYS MOVE FASTER THAN THE GORILLA. So there's no use trying to outrun them. Instead, stop and let them turn corners or else lose them with a few turns of your own.

o IN EVERY ROUND, THERE IS A SPECIAL WARRIOR WHO MOVES IN A DIFFERENT WAY FROM THE OTHERS. This warrior is called the "Tracer." The Tracer patrols only the outer edge of the maze. Like the warriors, the Tracer moves faster than the gorilla.

THE RED BUTTON --------------

If the warriors should close in on you, press the red button on your Joystick controller and release it. The warriors will turn into little shadows you can pass right through. Get by them quickly, because in a moment or two, they'll become wild warriors again! YOU CAN MAKE THE WARRIORS DISAPPEAR FOUR TIMES FOR EVERY GORILLA. NOTE: Holding down the red button will cause the warriors to disappear and appear alternately up to four times, depending on the number of chances you have left to do so.

TURNING THE WARRIORS INTO CHICKENS ----------------------------------

There's one point in the game where you get to take revenge on the warriors! Just complete coloring the FOUR CORNER BOXES, and the warriors will turn into chickens. This happens the moment the last side of the last corner box is colored- then it's your turn to do the catching. But remember: like the warriors, the chickens are faster than the gorilla, so don't chase them. Instead, lay in wait and try to catch them as they turn corners. You'll score bonus points for every chicken you can catch. Be quick because after a few seconds, you'll hear a warning sound and the chickens will become wild warriors once again.

NOTE: If you should complete coloring the four corner boxes and the entire maze at the same time, you'll automatically move into the next round, forfeiting the chickens for bonus points game.

END OF ROUND ------------

Remember that you have three gorillas (chances) with which to color in the entire maze. If your third and last gorilla gets squashed before you've done so, that's the end of the round and the end of the game.

But if you do color in the entire maze using three or fewer gorillas, you'll have made it to the second round- the pigs and paint roller game.

PIGS AND PAINT ROLLERS ----------------------

This round plays just like the warriors and gorilla game- it's just played with different characters. But because it's the SECOND round, the pigs will move a bit faster. Also, the number of paint rollers with which you'll have to paint the maze will depend on the number of gorillas you used in the first round. If there are three gorillas remaining on screen at the end of the first round, you'll have three paint rollers. If there are two gorillas remaining on screen, you'll have two paint rollers, plus one for completing the round. If there is one gorilla remaining on screen, you'll have one paint roller, plus one for completing the round.

If you can paint the entire maze using the available number of paint rollers or fewer, you'll have made it to round three- and it's back to the warriors and gorilla game. Similarly, the number of gorillas you'll have in round three will depend on the number of paint rollers you used in round two.

LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY --------------------

As long as you can stay in the game, you'll alternate between the warriors and gorilla and the pigs and paint roller games. As you go from one round to the next, the warriors and pigs move progressively faster. This will happen for six consecutive rounds; round one is the slowest, round six is the fastest. In rounds three through six, there will be six warriors/pigs patrolling the maze, instead of five.

END OF GAME -----------

The game ends when there are no gorillas/paint rollers left on screen. TO PLAY AGAIN, SIMPLY PRESS DOWN THE GAME RESET SWITCH.

STRATEGY HINTS --------------

a) When making a turn inside the maze, you may want to lead into it with your Joystick. This can prevent your missing the turn completely. b) In order to earn the most points catching chickens, leave one side of the last corner box untraced, wait until the warriors/pigs are close by, then complete the last corner box. Your gorilla/paint roller will be in a better position to catch chickens than if they'd been at other parts of the maze.

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SCORING -------

Your score is displayed at the bottom right of the screen throughout the game. Points accumulate as follows:

Coloring one side of a box ... HORIZONTAL LINES: from one to six points, depending on the length of the line; 1 point for the shortest line, 6 points for the longest line.


Coloring an entire box ....... 50 points

Catching a chicken ........... 100 points

GAME LEVELS -----------

Round           Number of Patrollers            Speed
-----           --------------------            -----

  1                 5 warriors                 slowest
  2                   5 pigs                     ||
  3                 6 warriors                   ||
  4                   6 pigs                     ||
  5                 6 warriors                   \/ 
  6                   6 pigs                   fastest

Once you reach round 6, the following rounds will remain at level six (six warriors/pigs patrolling at the fastest speed) until you're out of the game.

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Rules copyright 1983 Parker Brothers, Beverly, MA 01915 Printed in U.S.A.

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