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Atari 2600 Programmers

ProgrammersBack in the days of the Atari 2600, most games were created by a single individual who did the design, programming, graphics and sound. These days it takes large teams of people many months (years!) to create a single game. But back then, if you had the skills you could program a 2600 game by yourself in a few short months (weeks!) As time passed and the capabilities of systems improved, more people were needed in order to produce a quality game.

The information provided below comes from many different sources. Some companies, such as Activision, were pretty open about who their programmers were. Others, such as Atari, kept this info in the dark (probably to keep other companies from stealing their talent!) Several classic gaming programmers have publicly spoken about their accomplishments, and for those individuals information is generally comprehensive. We also used The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers as a reference in compiling our list of programmers for Atari systems. And some games have the programmer's name listed in the manual, on the cartridge, or somewhere in the game itself.

The list below is by no means complete. For that matter, this list is only a small subset of programmers who worked on titles for Atari systems. Unfortunately, as time goes on it's likely that such information will be even harder to come by. If you know someone who worked in the classic game industry, please let us know! We'd love to hear from them and would like to fill in as many blanks as possible. And we're not just talking about programmers here, we'll also acknowledge designers, artists, musicians, and so forth.

System View:   

System Name
Aaron Curtis
Adam Thornton
Alan Miller
Alan Murphy
Alan Roberts
Alex DeMeo
Alex G.
Alex Leavens
Andrew Davie
Andrew Fuchs
Anthony Henderson
Armin Vogl
Ban Tran
Ben Burch
Bill Aspromonte
Bill Bryner
Bill Hogue
Bill Hood
Billy Eno
Bob Colbert
Bob Curtiss
Bob Montgomery
Bob Polaro
Bob Smith
Bob Whitehead
Brad Stewart
Brett Stutz
Brian McGhie
Brian Prescott
Brian Watson
Bruce de Graaf
Bruce Pedersen
Bryon Parks
Carla Meninsky
Carol Shaw
Chad Lare
Chad Schell
Charles F. Gray
Charlie Heath
Chris Crawford
Chris Read
Chris Walton
Christopher Omarzu
Christopher Tumber
Colin Hughes
Connie Goldman
Courtney Granner
Craig Nelson
Dan Hitchens
Dan Kitchen
Dan Oliver
Dan Thompson
Dan Wolf
Darrell Spice Jr.
Dave Akers
Dave Engman
Dave Exton
Dave Hampton
Dave Johnson
Dave Jolly
Dave Neuman
Dave Rolfe
Dave Staugas
David Crane
David Galloway
David Lamkins
David Lubar
David Ross
David Vazquez
David Weavil
Dawn Stockbridge
Dennis Caswell
Dennis Debro
Dennis Koble
Dennis M. Kiss
Don Ruffcorn
Doug Macare
Doug Neubauer
Duncan Scott
E. F. Dreyer
Eckhard Stolberg
Ed English
Ed Federmeyer
Ed Hodapp
Ed Logg
Ed Riddle
Ed Salvo
Ed Temple
Edward Griffiths
Eric Bacher
Eric Ball
Erik Ehrling
Erik Eid
Erik Mooney
Ernie Runyon
Fabrizio Zavagli
Frank Cohen
Fred Quimby
Garry Kitchen
Gary Kaplan
Gary Littleton
Gary Palmer
Gary Shannon
Gary Stark
Gerald Moore
Glenn Axworthy
Grady Ward
Greg Easter
Greg Troutman
H.K. Poon
Hal Finney
Harley H. Puthuff, Jr.
Henry Will IV
Howard Scott Warshaw
Igor Barzilai
Irwin Gaines
Isabel Garret
Ivan Machado
James Andreasen
Jeff Gusman
Jeff Ratcliff
Jeff Ronne
Jerome Domurat
Jerry Lawson
Jess Ragan
Jim Huether
Jim Jacob
Jim Rupp
Joe Decuir
Joe Gaucher
Joe Grand
Joe Hellesen
Joe King
Joe Wagner
John Bronstein
John Dunn
John Emerson
John Harris
John K. Harvey
John Marvin
John Palevich
John Payson
John Perkins
John Russell
John Van Ryzin
John W. Champeau
Jon Leupp
Joseph Biel
Joseph Tung
Jossef Wagner
Karl T. Olinger
Ken Smith
Kevin Miller
Kevin Norman
Kirk Israel
Larry Gelberg
Larry Kaplan
Larry Martin
Larry Miller
Larry Minor
Larry Wagner
Larry Zwick
Laura Nikolich
Lee Actor
Manuel Rotschkar
Mark De Smet
Mark Klein
Mark Lesser
Mark R. Hahn
Mark Turmell
Mark VandeWettering
Matthew Hubbard
Michael Buetepage
Michael Callahan
Michael Case
Michael Green
Michael Greene
Michael Kosaka
Michael Rideout
Michael Sierchio
Miguel Castillo
Mike Brodie
Mike Lorenzen
Mike Reidel
Mike Sanders
Mike Schwartz
Mimi Doggett
Mimi Nyden
Nathan Strum
Nick Turner
Nolan Bushnell
Patricia Lewis Du Long
Paul Donaldson
Paul Newell
Paul Slocum
Paul Willson
Peter C. Niday
Peter Engelbrite
Peter Hirschberg
Phat Ho
Piero Cavina
Preston Stuart
Randall Hyde
Randy Bowker
Rex Bradford
Richard Dobbis
Richard K. Balaska Jr.
Rick Maurer
Rick Skrbina
Rob Fulop
Rob Zdybel
Robert Barber
Robert H. O'Neil
Robert L. Esken Jr.
Robert Mundschau
Robert Neve
Robert Vieira
Robert Zdybel
Ron Surratt
Rorke Weigandt
Russell Babylon
Sam Comstock
Scott Nelson
Scott Smith
Shirley Russell
Silvio Mogno
Simon Quernhorst
Simone Serra
Stance Nixon
Stephen Landrum
Steve Aguirre
Steve Baker
Steve Beck
Steve Cartwright
Steve Crandall
Steve DeFrisco
Steve Hales
Steve Jobs
Steve Kitchen
Steve Stringfellow
Steve Tatsumi
Steve Woita
Steve Wright
Stuart Ross
Suki Lee
Sylvia Day
Thomas Jentzsch
Tim Martin
Tod Frye
Todd Marshall
Tom DiDomenico
Tom Sloper
Tommy Montgomery
Warren Robinett
Warren Schwader
Wes Trager
William J. Sheppard
Zach Matley