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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

Battlezone 2000

Hidden Game
Instructions for Battlezone 2000 Easter Egg

When you're on the tank configuration screen (the one with the red
flashing bars), press OPTION1 three times and then press restart. This
2000 was a very deep, large game but Atari testers thought it too hard. So
we were going to throw away the whole solid 3D section. Instead, we've
hidden it. This must be one of the biggest easter eggs in history.

This is best done right when turning the unit on... if it didn't work,
turn it off and try again.  Starting multi-player is NOT easy to acheive
in this mode.

Start Screen:
show map of world -- 50 x 40 = 2000 levels
map coordinates displayed below map

Slso Shown:

	terrain type
	tanks to destroy
	fuel canisters
	other canisters
	radiation level

Use joypad L/R, U/D to select - map wraps from high numbers back to 0 types of levels: ---------------- Desert sandy with cacti Fescue green forests Arctic white snow Aftermath orangish Arboreal green with trees Twilight fairly dark Crystal light blue Crater dark gray Arid sandy with trees Jodrell white with pink background Desolation pink in green ruins Condo weird (pink / lime green) colored Bleak whitish with satellite dishes Locked these levels are passworded - whitish with satellite dishes ********************************************************************* tank selection screen: ZT.Restore - input password of previous game ZT.Build - creates standard tank (can adjust after built) ZT.New - select parts yourself to create tank tank templates: Mass Z lmt A: SHANKER 40 50 14 scanner 4 razer 6 missile 6 dials 8 drive 4 engine 6 shield 8 fuel 12 detect B: BORRG 70 70 12 scanner 8 razer 6 missile 6 dials 8 drive 4 engine 10 shield 4 fuel 10 detect C: TUNDRA 70 60 12 scanner 8 razer 10 missile 4 dials 4 drive 6 engine 10 shield 4 fuel 10 detect D: SPRICK 40 50 16 scanner 6 razer 6 missile 6 dials 4 drive 4 engine 8 shield 6 fuel 12 detect E: MADONNA 80 80 8 scanner 6 razer 6 missile 10 dials 6 drive 4 engine 10 shield 12 fuel 6 detect F: GIGAN 90 90 16 scanner 6 razer 6 missile 6 dials 6 drive 6 engine 6 shield 8 fuel 8 detect 2h is 2 squares arranged horizontally 4s is 4 squares arranged as a square 2v is 2 squares arranged vertically parts: ------ Engines A MOTIVE UNIT MaxPw: 0400 Eff: 0.75 Wader Class 2h B MOTIVE UNIT MaxPw: 0400 Eff: 1.0 Ellel Class 4s C MOTIVE UNIT MaxPw: 0500 Eff: 0.75 Zorbach Class 4s D MOTIVE UNIT MaxPw: 0500 Eff: 1.0 Azra Class 6h DriveTrain A JO-KA DRIVE Accel: 1.0 Flat Terrain 2h B STERIUM DRIVE Accel: 2.0 Hilly Terrain 4s C EPICYCLIC DRIVE Accel: 4.0 All Terrain 6h Fuel A FUEL CELL Standard Core 90J Cpcty Disposable 2v val 9 B FUEL CELL Daru Core 200J Cpcty Slow Charge 4s val 20 Missile A BTX MISSILE Cursor Aim 400 Impact 1000 Range 2v qty 9 B RADX MISSILE Radar Track 600 Impact 1500 Range 4s qty 30 C LZX MISSILE Laser Guided 800 Impact 2000 Range D CAMX MISSILE Camera Guided 1000 Impact 2500 Range 6h qty 30 Razer A ZAPP RAZER Range: 1000 400 Impact Drain: 100 4s qty 70 B PULSE RAZER Range: 1500 600 Impact Drain: 175 4s qty 70 C ION RAZER Range: 2000 800 Impact Drain: 250 4s qty: 70 D GAMMA RAZER Range: 2500 1000 Impact Drain: 300 Shield A MIN SHIELD 9k Protect Quart Defence Low Drain 2v val 9 B WIDE SHIELD 9k Protect Half Defense High Drain 2h val 9 Dials A BEARING MONX Relational 360 Reliability.99 Drain: 252 4s B ABS CO-ORD Acc: +/- 20 ISO Calibrtd Drain: 200 6h C EXPOSURE CNT Optimsd X-Ray Auto De-Flux Drain: 100 4s Detector A FUEL DETECT One Point RO Display Drain: 150 2v B PICKINZ DETECT All Types RO Display Drain: 200 2v C TANK DETECT Zone Limited RO Display Drain: 300 2v D ZEEK DETECT One Point RO Display Drain: 200 2v E MAP DETECT Detect All RO Display Drain: 150 2v Scanner A DATA SCAN 5 Terrabyte Auto Translat Range: 30 4s Drain: 1000 B PICKINZ SCAN Icon Gen Mount Advice Range: 30 4s Drain: 1000 C TANK SCAN Multi id 90% Accurate Range: 50 4s Drain: 200 Control A CONTROL Activate by A Cursor Pod 8h L/R=Direction U/D=Gear ********************************************************************* Playing the game ---------------- Controls: start off in select mode Option 1 - toggles select/move mode A button - fires missile (if installed) B button - fires razer (if installed) Pause - pauses game select mode joypad moves cursor around screen things on control panel show names while cursor on them Option 2 selects things on control panel or in view - use A with cursor on location to place in tank - or Option 2 with cursor on view to drop it again - when "key" displayed, double-click A or B and then that button will activate that function (missiles, razer, scanners) move mode Up accelerates forward, deccelerates if in reverse Down accelerates reverse, deccelerates if moving forward Left rotate/turn left Right rotate/turn right Option 2 toggle music on/off Levels and passwords -------------------- here is a level password -- how to find these is still a mystery to me 1 1 SEVE-N this is a locked level without a password as far as I know 27 39 ---???--- This cute saying was found in the game -- what it means is you can reset the game (Option 1 & Pause) and still keep all your items and score. THE ONE THAT RUNS AWAY LIVES TO DIE ANOTHER DAY

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