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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs


Breaking The Rules
Luring Coily to the top cube and then leaping off to the right will not cost you a life, since the bonus-count for killing your enemy will supersede the life-subtracting part of the program, for some reason.

Extra points
Jump to the top of the pyramid then wait for Coily to jump to one of the cubes directly below. Press Up/Right to jump off the pyramid just when he is ready to jump to your cube. Coily will also jump off and points will be awarded. However, Q*bert will not lose a life.

Jump through enemies
With careful timing it is possible to jump through Coily or a Red Ball and land on the cube that your opponent previously occupied. This must be done just as your opponent is about to jump to your current location.

Use What You've Got
Take all of the floating platforms and lure Coily to his death, rather than saving the platforms for their bonus-tally at the end of the wave. You get a lot more points for killing the scoundrel than saving the platforms.

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