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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Carried Over By Popular Demand
If a Walker has just shot at you but another requires your attention, keep the shell on the screen as it "chases" you. Since only one enemy shot can be onscreen at a time, you'll get an extra second or two to rivet your new target as the old shot seeks a screen border.

Double points
Use a controller with a rapid-fire feature to destroy each Imperial Walker twice to collect double the points. A total of forty-eight shots is normally required to destroy a Walker. Try to achieve eight more hits after the forty-eighth hit to get the double point award. If the last shot hits the bomb hatch, over 250 points will be awarded.

Temporary invincibility
Begin game play, then immediately move your Snowspeeder to the very top of the screen. Remain at this position until the Snowspeeder begins to flash and the Star Wars battle music begins to play. The Snowspeeder will be indestructible for approximately one minute.

The Emperor's Yellow Clothes
At any given point during your session, the foremost Walker should be yellow. The closer a Walker is to destruction, the slower it progresses; those behind it have no choice but to slow down themselves, since one can't even come close to catching up with its leader (as per the game's programming). When you start, fly up to the first intruder and pelt it until it's yellow; then fly to the LAST one, and destroy it altogether. Now, when the next group's leader appears, turn that one yellow. Return to the second Walker and systematically destroy all four remaining in the first group (front one last) before turning your attention to the second group. Of course, the complete destruction of the leading Walker takes priority over everything if you hear the warning signal that indicates the imminent destruction of the generators.

The Wile E. Coyote Look Of Surprise
If your ship hasn't been pushed the usual inch or two by a blast that's just hit it, don't touch the joystick for a second (if you can help it). Many hits, especially those resulting from horizontally fired shells that meet the front end of your ship, don't register at all; but they will a split-second later, if you're moving.

Two For The Price Of One
While you're pummeling a yellow Walker, attempting to finish it off, keep shooting quickly as it explodes. Vibrate your thumb on the button, never actually lifting it from the red plastic. If you get in eight shots before the meanie disappears completely, another "color" will advance and the Walker will explode again, earning you twice the normal points.

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