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Speedster II - Atari Jaguar
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System: Atari Jaguar
Company: Carousel Entertainment
Model #: n/a
Year of Release: n/a
Media Type: Cartridge
Number of Players: n/a
Controller: Jaguar Controller
   Mario Perdue (Programmer)
 Extremely Rare
 North America
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Speedster II - Cartridge

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This prototype resurfaced in 2001 and was sold on Ebay. It was intended to be used by Carousel Entertainment in kiddie rides in places like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and other discount stores and supermarkets. As it was only intended to amuse small children, the game isn't very challenging and it simply ends at a prescribed time without "extended play" or penalties for crashing. Nothing in game can damage your car, and you will always finish at the Carousel Entertainment parking lot. Speedster II was written by Mario Perdue right after he finished Breakout 2000, and he also wrote Skycopter II for the same use.

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