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System: Atari 2600
Company: Activision
Model #: AX-022
Year of Release: n/a
Media Type: Cartridge
Number of Players: 1 - 2
Controller: Atari Joystick
   Steve Cartwright (Programmer)
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Seaquest - Screenshot

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This is an excellent shoot-em-up from Steve Cartwright, who programmed numerous Activision classics such as Frostbite and Megamania. In Seaquest, you control a yellow submarine who must destroy numerous waves of sharks and enemy subs, all while trying to rescue friendly divers. Seaquest features excellent graphics for a 2600 game, and it's also noteworthy for having very satisfying sound effects. Like many of the best 2600 games, it starts slowly and ramps up to become quite frantic in later waves. Earning a score of 50,000 points or more and sending proof to Activision would net you entrance to the prestigious Sub Club organization. (Contributed by sdamon)

External ReviewsSubmit Review
The Atari Times (by Ethan C. Nobles)95%
Le geek (by Ben Langberg)100%
Phosphor Dot Fossils (by Earl Green)80%
Video Game Critic (by David Mrozek)85%
Rage Games (by Jay McGavren)90%
GameFAQs (by Jason Owens)80%
Average Score: 88%

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Wings of Death (by neotokeo2001)

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