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Barnstorming - Standard label - Atari 2600
 Game Profile      

System: Atari 2600
Company: Activision
Model #: AX-013
Year of Release: n/a
Media Type: Cartridge
Number of Players: 1
Controller: Atari Joystick
   Steve Cartwright (Programmer)
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Barnstorming - Screenshot

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Steve Cartwright was inspired to program Barnstorming during his first week at Activision when he was driving home and saw a biplane pulling a banner advertisement. With that image in mind, he created the horizontally scrolling game that came to be called Barnstorming. The game is notable as being the first Activision game with a sunset in the horizon, although it did appear in the Venetian Blinds Demo. At the time, the sunset effect was an impressive feat on the Atari 2600, as it was difficult to map all the colors on the screen at the same time due to the limited memory of the system. The effect was so popular that other programmers reused the code in other Activision games.

External ReviewsSubmit Review
Atari Gaming Headquarters (by Keita Iida)80%
Video Game Critic (by David Mrozek)78%
Le geek (by Ben Langberg)80%
Planet Atari (German) (by Michael Tausendpfund)58%
Average Score: 74%

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