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Whatʼs your kind of game? Do you prefer action or arcade? One player or two player? Challenging or extra hard? With Piñata, you have it all!

Piñata is a collection of five challenging games packed into a 32K cartridge. Each game in this collection is unique and will have you coming back for more! Select which game you want to play from the colorful main menu, where you can view your high scores for each game.

Piñata Cartridge

Piñata Collection Games

  • Heartbreak: Are you in the mood for a relaxing game, a hard game, or a competitive two player game? Heartbreak is all three! Bounce your way through 16 challenging levels in this original arcade game about color.

  • Ping: Darkness is all around you. Somewhere in the black, you hear feathers rustling: your mortal enemy lurks. Undaunted, you beat your wings and charge into the din, your rumbling stomach giving you all the courage you need. Own the night as Ping the bat as she uses echolocation to navigate dark caves, eat bugs, and avoid hungry owls.

  • Joyride: It isnʼt easy being a world-famous daredevil. The fans always expect something better than the last time, and you have to compete with rivals who want the fame all to themselves. This will show them! In Joyride you are the ultimate daredevil. Speed down the highway and dodge traffic on your chopper!

  • Fixer Fenix, Sr.: Oh no! Wrecker Ron is at it again! He has climbed the Smalltown Tower and is breaking all the windows. Itʼs up to Fixer Fenix and his magic hammer to fix it.

  • Flipside: Xen, the interdimensional overlord, has locked you and a companion in a pocket dimension where you must compete for His amusement. The very laws of physics bend for Xenʼs pleasure. Can you survive?

Hearbreak, Joyride, and Flipside include a two player competitive mode.

AtariVox Support

All Piñata collection games have high score support. Plug an AtariVox, AtariVox+ or Save Key into the second controller port before powering on your Atari 2600. You will see the AtariVox logo and your high scores will be saved automatically.

Additional Information

Piñata includes the game cartridge and full-color, eight page manual. Piñata is available in NTSC and PAL60 television formats, which you may select above.

Number of Players 1 - 2
Controller Joystick, Driving Paddles (optional for Heartbreak)
Cartridge Size 32K
Programming Cybearg
Cart/Manual Art Eucatastrophic
Label and Manual Cybearg
Brandon S. on 12/17/2014 03:35pm
Over the course of the last few weeks, Piñata has proven to be a welcome addition to my 2600 collection. Five games are on this 32k cartridge, each of which feature unique challenges and gameplay.

Ping is perhaps my favorite single player game on this list. Despite the inevitable frustration of a complex cavern closely guarded by a fast moving enemy, Ping's gameplay is satisfying, especially when you reach the end of a cavern without using your echolocation ability.

Flipside is a fantastic game in both one and two player modes. Battling the AI is certainly a challenge, but I am most interested in it as a fast-paced two player game. This version is worth the price of the cartridge alone, but I wonder if this game could be developed further into a larger, standalone cartridge with more variation and added power-ups or abilities.

Heartbreak, Joyride, and Fixer Fenix, Sr. are all well made and quite enjoyable for different reasons. Sometimes I find myself lost in the addicting repetition of Fixer Fenix, Sr. until waylaid by a passing duck. I cannot seem to survive too long on the mean streets featured in Joyride, affirming my decision to avoid motorcycles in real life, but it's colorful background and interesting flare dynamic encourage me return for another round.

The artwork in the manual and on the cartridge is very colorful, and the instructions themselves are clear. The recognizable silver Atari design contrasting with the 2013 copyright date on the cartridge makes this a fun piece to show uninitiated house guests. "They still make games for the Atari?!" Yes, *they* do, and Piñata is a good demonstration of the kind of advancements that have been made over the years.

In sum, all five games are great, but a few are especially so. For those games alone I would encourage others to purchase this cartridge, and consider the other games as delightful bonuses.

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