Vault Assault - Atari 2600



Vault Assault is a game based on the old arcade game Space Zap. You are stationed in a vault in the center of the screen, and must protect your base from an onslaught of enemy ships coming at you from four different sides. As the game progresses, the difficulty increases. How long can you survive?

Author Brian Prescott
Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 4K
Label Design Dale Crum
Curtis Mitchell on 03/29/2013 11:18am
This is a solid pick up and play game with an easy learning curve. The game starts out slow and somewhat dull but once you get into it the speed ramps up very quickly making for short play sessions of only a few minutes each. If you like twitch gameplay, this is the cartridge for you. Key up some rocking music and have at it.

The big flaw is that there is only a single game mode and even though it is fast, it can get somewhat monotonous. Still, 4/5 for a very solid effort (and an efficient price!)
Nathan Strum on 08/23/2007 04:47am
Vault Assault is a port of the classic arcade game Space Zap. You control the guns of a space station, and must defend it against attack. Enemies will appear on the four sides of the screen, then launch their weapons at you. If they hit you, your station is destroyed. Lose all of your stations, and the game is over.

Although Vault Assault is a pretty faithful port of Space Zap, it is missing one crucial element - the Attack Satellite that circles your station and attempts to crash into you periodically. The Attack Satellite helped to break up Space Zap into rounds, and gave the player something different to shoot at once in awhile. Vault Assault really would have benefited from this, because there is no break between rounds, and nothing different to shoot at. Just the same four enemies, over and over. Vault Assault is well done as far as it goes, with decent graphics and sound and a great "twitch" play mechanic. It's a good game for a quick action gaming fix now and then, but there's just not enough variety in gameplay or additional game options to hold your attention for very long.
Raul Torres on 01/03/2006 10:59am
Cool Game... gets really fast... another one of those games that anyone can have a good time with right away.
Scott Huggins on 06/28/2005 09:36pm
Wow, this game rocks. It's basically a remake of the arcade game, Space Zap, except it adds a new element to the game play: during the extreme blast fest going on, if you can hold back (and not shoot) when you see a mini-base (instead of the enemies), you get a free man. The game ramps up very fast in difficulty, and the overall play is maniac fast. The games are pretty quick...the longest I can stay alive is about 3-4 minutes... and I'm a fan of super fast 2600 games featuring very fast action. I own six atari 2600 homebrews and this one is my very favorite!

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