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thumb_1103_7800_CrystalQuest_All_thumb.jpgBentley Bear defeated Berthilda within her Crystal Castle realm, but she vowed to get her revenge on Bentley. After nearly 30 years of planning and scheming, Berthilda was able to steal the five 'Crystals Of Life' that kept the balance of good and evil in check. Now it is up to Bentley to retrieve those jewels and restore the balance of power to the world.

Berthilda has hidden all five Crystals in separate parts of the world and guards them fiercely. As Bentley, you will run into many of your old foes from the Castle days... as well as some new ones. Navigate unforgiving terrain from at least five different environments in your relentless Quest to find the Crystals and defeat Berthilda once and for all.


Your goal in Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest is to retrieve all five Crystals that Berthilda has stolen while avoiding all of the enemies, hazards, and pitfalls that await you in your quest. You begin the game with three turns, and you can earn more along the way. You also have an energy meter, which depletes as you work your way through each level. You lose a life if an enemy touches you, you fall in a well (or off the screen), or if your energy level runs out before you reach the end of a level.

These are the enemies you will encounter in your quest to retrieve your precious jewels. Some of them you will remember from your first encounter, and some are new disciples of Berthilda. These include the Nasty Trees, Skeletons, Gem Eaters, Bee Swarm, Zombie, Coyote, Ghost, Floating Head, and more! Eventually you will have to combat Berthilda herself!

Along the way, you will find objects that will cause harm to Bentley and should avoid them as they reduce Bentley’s energy level by a significant amount, including fire, rocks, Berthilda's Cauldron, and spikes. Fortunately, you'll also encounter many helpful items on your quest, such as white, red, and green jewels, honey pots, and magic hats (which give you temporary invincibility!)

Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Screenshot Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Screenshot
Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Screenshot Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Screenshot
Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Screenshot Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Screenshot


  • Large 144K game!
  • Includes HOKEY chip for POKEY sound effects and music
  • Explore over 40 worlds!
  • Continue option... but use it wisely!
  • Compatible with ProLines or original CX-40 joysticks
  • Hidden surprises!

HOKEY Audio Included!

This version of Beef Drop VE incorporates an on-board HOKEY chip for improved sound effects and music versus the TIA audio that most 7800 games employ. The HOKEY, developed by Fred Quimby, creator of the Harmony and Concerto flash carts, is a drop-in replacement for Atari's proprietary POKEY chip. As the POKEY was a custom chip produced by Atari, the only POKEY chips in existence are those that were manufactured for Atari 8-bit computers (400/800, 800XL, 130XE, etc.), the Atari 5200, certain Atari arcade games, and the two Atari 7800 games Ballblazer and Commando.


There are very few sources of new, unused POKEY chips. Many are removed from Ballblazer carts, as they are relatively common. These chips have not been produced in 30 years! This means that the POKEY chips in existence are drying up, and we will no longer sacrifice Ballblazer cartridges as a source for POKEY chips. The higher price of Beef Drop VE with a HOKEY reflects the price of the game and the inclusion of the onboard HOKEY chip, and is far less than what we would need to charge if we were using genuine POKEY chips.

Additional Information

Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest includes a box, game cartridge with onboard HOKEY audio chip, and a full-color, 8-page manual. Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest is available in NTSC and PAL television formats. Please choose above (if you don't make a selection, you will receive the NTSC version by default).

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 144K
Code and Design Bob DeCrescenzo

Ryan Frazier on 01/05/2020 03:37pm
I can remember when I first played Super Mario Brothers on my NES Nintendo in 1986 thinking to myself, what the hell can't such games like this be played on my Atari 780 Pro System Well 34 years later, I can finally say after playing Crystal Quest on my Atari 7800, that it plays like Super Mario Brothers, but with better graphics,
awesome some sound effects with the exclusive Pokey chip, this game can totally destroy any NES Super Mario games.


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