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Brawn and Brains

Brawn and Brains is a collection of three unique Atari Jaguar games, each from a different Jaguar developer. This collection features Dragonkeep (Lawrence Staveley), Tiles (Rik Day), and Do the Same (Matmook/Jagware). This is the first release of these games in cartridge form, offered in an economical release with cartridge and manual. Each of the games is described in more detail below.

Brawn and Brains Cartridge



"Doomed! Doomed, I say!" Exclaimed the King, annoyed that Dragons had taken over the castle and all its gold. The brave warrior saluted his King. "My Leige! I know that castle, those bridges and the treasure rooms better than any other here! I shall return my Lord to his birthright!" The King looked upon the warrior with gratitude, replying "Be brave, boy! But... Beware of the Dragonfire!"

DragonKeep is played over two screens.

On the first screen you must cross into the castle on the other side of the bridge. Jump (B) and duck (Down) to avoid the fireballs as you cross. If you are standing in the right hand doorway you will be safe. On the second screen you must collect all the treasures while avoiding the dragon's fire. Once all the treasures have been collected, a second door will appear so you can exit. Returning to the first doorway will keep you safe from the dragon's fire.

When you exit, you will return to the drawbridge for the next castle, where things are slightly more difficult than the last. Good luck!

Dragonkeep Screenshot
Dragonkeep Screenshot Dragonkeep Screenshot


Tiles is a calm and relaxing puzzle game. It is designed to be simple to play so you can sit back, relax and match those Tiles.

From the main menu, pick which difficulty you want to play with. The style of the Tiles will change for each one, making the game harder. You will also be given less time in order to complete the grid.

When the game starts, you will be assigned a random "Win Tile". This is the Tile that you must ultimately fill the grid with in order to win the level.

Use the d-pad to control the cursor and move around the grid. Press the C button to select a Tile from the play grid. This will become your "Fill Tile". Then press the B button to fill using that Tile.

You can switch the "Fill Tile" as many times as you wish. Do not just fill everything with the Win Tile from the start, you will not earn a high score. You should find where there are identical adjacent Tiles next to a fill area and fill the area using the adjacent Tile type. Not only will this fill the main area with the same Tile type, it will also match against the adjacent Tiles, making the area larger. Using this technique you will quickly 'absorb' neighboring Tiles into the fill area growing it exponentially in the least moves possible.

In order to build a high score, you should try and complete the grid in the least moves possible in the shortest amount of time. You win the game by finishing with all Tiles on the "Win Tile" type. You lose the game either by the time running out or by replacing all the Win Tiles.

Tiles Screenshot
Tiles Screenshot Tiles Screenshot

Do the Same

Do the Same is a game of speed and reflection. Featuring 112 levels across three levels of difficulty, Do the Same offers plenty of challenge and will keep you busy for some time! The faster you are, the more points you will receive.

The goal is simple: you need to reproduce a picture in a set amount of time. Use the d-pad to move the cursor in the game grid. You can rotate images to the left or right using the A and B buttons. You have three lives total. A life is lost when you run out of time, so don't dally! You can win up to 50 points per level, or 0 if you are not fast enough! You also earn a bit of extra time for each level completed.

Can you complete all 112 levels across each difficulty level? Good luck!

Do the Same Screenshot
Do the Same Screenshot Do the Same Screenshot

Additional Information

Brawn and Brains includes game cartridge and professionally printed full-color manual.

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