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You've got issues. You are the commander of the Defense Unit for the Terra Community with four Towers and three Defense Cannons under your watch. The Terra Community is the first outpost on this planet so usually things are pretty quiet. You're just about to call it a night when the warning sirens scream out the approach of invading alien ships. If the aliens can destroy Terra, the entire planet is theirs and it's the end of your cushy government job, not to mention the lives of the inhabitants of the Four Towers.

Quickly manning the remote controls of the three Defense Cannons your fire at wave after wave of swarming aliens. It's a balancing act trying to switch cannons an eye on your ammunition while the aliens switch tactics with each wave. Your Shields are limited too but stay alive long enough and you'll have to face "The Boss." He's aptly named and capable of destroying the whole Terra Community in a matter of seconds. It is going to take a lot of ammo and a lot of skill to destroy "The Boss", but the rewards are great too.

The improbable task awaits you... how long can YOU be the Hero of Terra?

Terra Attack is Scott Huggins' third ColecoVision homebrew game, following the widely acclaimed Astro Invader and Spectar arcade ports. Terra Attack is a uniquely original game in concept and execution!

Includes game cartridge and manual. Label and manual artwork designed by Joe Kollar.

Author Scott Huggins
Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 32K
Label and Manual Design Joe Kollar

Joseph Kollar on 10/15/2007 11:02am
Terra Attack, the latest game from Scott Huggins is a challenging blast to play. It's a nice blend of Missile Command and the INTV version of Atlantis with the familiar theme of defending ground towers/laser canons from incoming enemy fire. TA manages to be similar to those games but still it retains it's own unique feel in the gameplay. Players can control 1 of three laser canons at a time on the ground. Switching between cannons involves moving the joystick up or down to move left or right while left or right motion aims the turrent. There is a single button to fire and each base gets a shield that is activated from the keypad. The controls take a couple of games to get used to but the learning curve isn't too high at all.

The graphics are very nice in this game. There is a nice variety of enemy ship types and each wave of them behave differently so your strategy for killing them has to change too. You must also keep an eye on your ammo since you need enough to kill "The Boss" that appears on every fifth round. I really like how if you take too long The Boss freaks out shooting everything in a couple of seconds. If you manage to destroy him, you get a bonus based on number of towers and ammo left. As in the other Scott Huggins games, the sound is nicely done too with a cool "siren" introducing each wave and satisfying in game explosion sounds.

The manual, label and box design is nicely printed and the usual high quality product from AA. I won't break my arm patting myself on the back but I'm very happy with my artwork on this games printed materials.

To sum up, it's another CV winner from Scott Huggins. It's obvious when you play these games that he puts a lot of effort into getting the details right in these games If you haven't played his versions of Spectar and Astro Invader, I'd suggest checking those out too.


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