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Atari 2600 Cartridge ScansThe Atari 2600 saw more than 500 games released over a period of more than 10 years in North America alone. And of those 500+ games, each title frequently had one or more label variations. That doesn't even take into account the additional hundreds (thousands?) of pirates, clones, and variations found throughout the rest of the world. When you consider all that, the number of different cartridge labels out there is simply staggering.

What we've tried to do is focus on North American games including the major label variations found within. Labels often changed over time as companies developed new logos, newer styles, or they changed their packaging in order to cut costs. We've tried to hit all the highlights, but be sure to contact us if you think we're missing something important.

Some of the label artwork is simply fantastic and it's a shame that the originals are probably long gone. Of special note is some of the artwork from Atari, Sears, Tigervision, and Mythicon. If anyone owns original game artwork, or you know anyone who created original artwork for classic video games, please contact us.

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Title LabelCompanyProfile
Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's CastleStandardColeco
Snail Against SquirrelEnglishBit Corp
Sneak n' PeekBlackU.S. Games
Sneak'N Peak CCE
Snoopy and the Red BaronChildren'sAtari
Snoopy and the Red Baron Intellivision
Snow White Self-Published
SoccerPet BoatUnknown
Solar FoxStandardCBS Electronics
Solar FoxUK WhiteCBS Electronics
Solar FoxUK ColorCBS Electronics
Solar Plexus Self-Published
Solar StormTextImagic
Solar Storm Xante
Sorcerer's ApprenticeChildren'sAtari
Space AdventureStandardZellers
Space AttackBlackM Network
Space AttackSilverTelegames
Space Battle Self-Published
Space CanyonWraparound LabelPanda
Space CavernStandardApollo
Space CavernBlueApollo
Space CombatTextSears
Space CombatPictureSears
Space EnvadorTaiwan SimpleUnknown
Space Grid Action Hi-Tech
Space Instigators XYPE
Space InvadersTextAtari
Space InvadersPictureAtari
Space InvadersSilverAtari
Space InvadersRedAtari
Space Invaders CCE
Space InvadersTextSears
Space InvadersPictureSears
Space Jockey Carrere Video
Space JockeyBlackU.S. Games
Space Raid Rainbow Vision
Space Raider Hot Shot
Space RobotShortQuelle
Space RobotTaiwan CooperUnknown
Space ShuttleStandardActivision
Space ShuttleBlueActivision
Space ShuttleWhiteActivision
Space Shuttle Uloc
Space Treat Self-Published
Space Treat Deluxe Self-Published
Space TripTaiwan SimpleUnknown
Space Tunnel Puzzy
Space Tunnel Puzzy
Space TunnelTaiwan CooperUnknown
Space WarTextAtari
Space WarPictureAtari
Spacemaster X-7Standard20th Century Fox
Speedway IITextSears
Speedway IIPictureSears
SpiderTaiwan CooperUnknown
SpiderV CaseUnknown
Spider FighterStandardActivision
Spider FighterWhiteActivision
Spider Fighter HES
Spider ManV CaseUnknown
Spider MazeStandardK-Tel Vision
Spider-ManStandardParker Brothers
Spike's PeakStandardXonox
Spitfire AttackStandardMilton Bradley
Sports Action Pak HES
Spy HunterGrip CaseSega
Spy HunterStandard CaseSega
Squeeze BoxStandard CaseU.S. Games
Squirrel & Snail Hot Shot
Squish 'Em Self-Published
SssnakeStandardData Age
Star Fire XYPE
Star FoxStandardMythicon
Star RaidersPictureAtari
Star RaidersPictureSears
Star ShipText #Atari
Star ShipTextAtari
Star ShipPictureAtari
Star StrikeWhiteINTV
Star StrikeBlackM Network
Star Trek: Strategic Operations SimulatorGrip CaseSega
Star Voyager HES
Star VoyagerTextImagic
Star VoyagerPictureImagic
Star VoyagerWhiteImagic
Star Wars: Death Star BattleStandardParker Brothers
Star Wars: Jedi ArenaStandardParker Brothers

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