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Atari 5200 ControllersAtari 5200 Controllers

Atari only released two controllers for the 5200, the standard analog joystick controller that shipped with all 5200 consoles, and the Atari TrakBall controller. Unfortunately, the standard Atari analog controller was very awkward to use with most games and even worse, was very unreliable. There are some third-party controllers available (most notably the Wico joystick), but they're difficult to come by these days. Atari's Trak Ball controller is excellent, and even has two sets of keypads, presumably to make the Trak Ball easy to use for left and right-handed individuals. All 5200 games work with the standard joystick controller, however, only a smaller subset work with the Trak Ball.

With an adapter such as the Electra Concepts MasterPlay Interface, standard 2600 controllers can be used with the 5200. While this poses problems for some games that need the analog sensitivity and accuracy, it works well enough for many games to make the MasterPlay Interface a very desirable peripheral.

CompanyController DescriptionSmall Image
AtariJoystickThe 5200 joystick is an odd mix of a non-centering stick, analog control, and a keypad. Prone to breaking, the 5200 joystick works best when replaced by a Wico joystick and keypad.Click for More Info
AtariTrak-BallBig, heavy, and it works great with the compatible games. This is your standard trak-ball with a pair of keypads and fire buttons on either side.Click for More Info