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Player's Choice Award
Player's Choice Award

Player's Choice Award

Stelladaptor 2600 to USB Interface
Created by Pixels Past

As soon as the polls opened for this year's Player's Choice Award voting, the votes for this revolutionary piece of hardware started rolling in, and with good reason. Ever since the creation of PC emulation, one of the chief difficulties in recreating the classic gaming experience on a computer is the lack of an authentic controller. Computer D-pad controllers lose the feel of a 2600 Joystick and most PC controllers have more buttons than the Space Shuttle. So what is a classic gamer to do? Up until now, nothing, suffer through arrow keys and mouse/paddles interfaces. However, this is the year of the Stelladaptor, an amazing little piece of equipment that allows you to play your favorite VCS games through emulation with the original controller! And when I say original controller, I don't just mean the joystick, you can also enjoy your favorite paddle games and even Indy 500 (if it is possible to enjoy Indy 500) because the Stelladaptor supports driving controllers too.

The Stelladaptor is plug-and-play ready and works in all standard USB ports, although you may need to purchase a USB cable if you don't have one readily available. Most emulators will work with the Stelladaptor if you just want to use a joystick, and some emulators (such as z26 and Stella) have been updated to add support for the 2600 paddle and driving controllers. Best of all, the Stelladaptor is reasonably priced and a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys VCS games through emulation. (Note: at the time of writing this the Stelladaptor sits firmly atop the "Best Sellers" list at the AtariAge Store!)

Runners Up:
These other fine projects also got a nod at this year's Player's Choice Award Voting. If you have the time and means, you should really look them up and see what they are all about!

Beef Drop - It's TIME for mad cap action at the hamBURGER joint when food comes alive and tries to turn YOU into a sandwich! This amazing port of an arcade classic shines on the 5200. A must-have for any 5200 fan!

Castle Crisis - I defy you to distinguish this amazing port from its arcade predecessor. The classic WAR between neighboring LORDS is nearly perfectly reproduced on your 5200, making it the ultimate good time for you and three friends. Finally, after 20 long years, a game has emerged to put the 5200 on the map! A version also exists for Atari 8-bit computers, making it easier to play the game with three other friends using easily obtained 2600 paddle controllers.

AtariAge High Score Club - Attention All Gamers! Here is your chance to see how you fare against your favorite AtariAge personalities! Are you the best at Frogger? There is only one way to find out! Bring it on!

Cuttle Cart II - Chad Schell is at it again. This time you'll need your 7800, but you'll still be able to play all your favorite ROMs right off your computer's MultiMedia Card. The Cuttle Cart II allows you to play both 2600 and 7800 games and features a sophisticated menu system that allows easy selection of games and even allows you to read game manuals on your television!

Jaguar Extremist Packs - Are you a Jaguar Extremist? Then I hope you got ahold of these babies. They went as fast as they were produced! These three packs contained some rare Jaguar/PC gems that every Jag fanatic longs for!

Nukey Shay - He's not a game, he's not a piece of hardware, but if you need help with either, he is your man. Nukey is a constant presence in the Classic Atari community, creating some wonderful Hacks (that are more like homebrews) and consistently helping out his fellow man with programming and technical questions. You'll not meet a nicer, more helpful person in the AtariAge Forums. A class act!

Other Nominees:
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