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2001 Electronic Entertainment Expo - Page 2

Click on an image for a higher-resolution version. If you'd like even higher-resolution images (they were shot at 2048x1536), drop me a line with the images you'd like and I'd be glad to mail them to you (be warned, they're each about 1MB in size).

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Konami's booth. The biggest attraction in Konami's booth was Metal Gear Solid 2 for the Playstation 2. The game's trailer was being shown repeatedly on the large video screen in the picture, which always attracted a large crowd of spectators.


There's nothing scarier than seeing game geeks dancing (rather well) in rhythm. This is the Playstation version of Konami's popular arcade game, Dance Dance Revolution.


This is part of the Metal Gear Solid display in Konami's booth. This is their upcoming flagship game for the PS2, and it's also being ported to the XBox.


Just to prove that some games will go on to live forever, Konami was demonstrating new versions of Frogger for the Playstation 2 and Gameboy Advance.


It might seem strange that Lego has a booth at E3, but it is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and with the advent of Mindstorms, Lego certainly fits the bill. They also produce games for the PC based in the Lego universe, as well as software to control and program Lego Mindstorms.


Here I believe the objective was to use your remote-control Lego Mindstorms robot to move as many balls from the center into your colored circle. This turned out to be easier in theory than practice.


Video would do this picture better justice. If the robot in the center detected movement in one of the three circles shown on the computer monitor, the three robots would "dance" in unison.


Although it's difficult to tell in the picture (this is another one where seeing the action is better than a still photo), these robots are actually scaling this wall. They have two "hands" that grab holes in the wall (which is also made from Legos), and their bottom swings back and forth to shift their weight as they climb.


Midway's booth.


I was able to grab this snapshot of an updated, 3D, PS2 version of Spy Hunter in Midway's booth before someone kindly told me to stop taking pictures.


Namco's display.


Namco was really pushing Pac-Man at this year's show, although I was disappointed in that I didn't see any Pac-Man mascots walking around the show floor (as in previous years). In this picture you can see two Pac-Man related games on the left, "Namco Museum" (which included Ms. Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, Galaga, and other classic games), and "Pac-Man Collection" (which includes various Pac-Man games). These were both being shown on the Gameboy Advance.


A shot of Pac-Man Collection for the Gameboy Advance. Pac-Man will never die!


Pac-Man Worlds 2, a 3D world that you explore as (who else?) Pac-Man.


Yet another shot of our beloved pal.


Inside Logitech's booth, I was surprised to find Nuon machines loaded up with Tempest 3000. I wasn't aware that Logitech was making controllers for Nuon boxes, the one here being plugged into a Nuon-enabled Toshiba DVD player. That's yours truly at the controls.


Rockstar's booth.


A shot of the Sierra booth, before the show opened. This area of the booth would be extremely crowded later as everyone packs in to get a glimpse of Warcraft III.


A closer view of the Warcraft III display in Sierra's booth.

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