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Atari 2600 Hacks - Venture II

Original Game:Venture 
Hacked By:Tim Snider
Type of Hack:Graphic Hack
Year Created:2001
Download ROM:

Venture II was created by Tim Snider as a sequel to the classic game Venture. Only 24 copies of Venture II were produced. The first four carts were part of a pre-production run so Tim could get the manufacturing process fine tuned. Those first four are marked with Greek letters on the label. Tim then created 20 numbered copies of Venture II which he made available privately at the 2001 Classic Gaming Expo. One copy of Venture II sold at the CGE2K1 auction and went for over $200. Tim created perhaps the most extravagant packaging seen for a self-published title at the time--the game was delivered in a hand-crafted, miniature treasure chest, which opened to reveal the cartridge (with numbered label) and a manual, surrounded by elegant, gold leaf paper.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of Venture II (sans the fancy treasure chest packaging), you can do so in the AtariAge Store. Included is a beautifully illustrated twelve page manual by Dale Crum.

What's New
All new monsters appear in this version of the game, and the dungeon walls have also been changed to make the game more challenging.
Before and After Screenshots
Original GameHack
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