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Atari 2600 Hacks - Wolfenstein 2600

Original Game:Venture 
Hacked By:neotokeo2001 & Robert M
Type of Hack:Graphic Hack Audio Hack Functional Hack
Year Created:2004
Download ROM:
Escape from Castle Wolfenstein again! But this time do it on your VCS! Its all there, nazis, dogs, guns, knives, chalices, med-packs, you'll never believe this was once Venture, a dungeon crawler about snakes and pots of gold!
What's New
  • All graphics changed for monsters, maps, items and rooms.
  • All sound FX altered. The single arrow sound FX was split into 2 for the knife and gun to sound different.
  • The scoring system was changed so you can score points in a room by killing monsters before picking up the item.
  • Touching a corpse no longer hurts the player.
  • The monster corpses are animated to fade away.
  • In the big rooms the monsters (now SS guards) patrol in predictable patterns rather than semi-randomly as the monsters in zoomed rooms still do.
  • The game ends after completing 8 levels of play, and shows a animated victory screen.
  • There is a title screen.
  • The movement pattern of the large hall monsters (SS guards entering a room) is changed so that given room to manuver the player may possibly get past the SS guard to the exit.
  • the moving wall room is altered so that the player MUST cross the path of at least 2 walls (or one wall twice) to complete the room. Plus random moving walls are speeded up in later levels.
  • For the first 2 levels all room layouts, monsters and items are the same every time you play. For the remaining 3 pairs of levels however, the room position, room mirroring/non-mirroring, monsters and monster starting positions are randomized. The 8 base rooms for each pair of levels are rotated randomly between the next two levels so the player will not know what a room looks like until they get in it. I believe there are 4 * 4 * 7 * 2 = 224 possible room/monster configurations.
  • The unlimited arrows weapon for the player is replaced by a gun long range but limited ammo, and a knife with short range but unlimited use.
  • The score display was altered. The 2 permanent trailing zeros were removed from the score display and recycled as an active weapon icon and ammo indicator bar.
  • The player starts with 4 extra lives not 3.
  • Some items do more than award points. The gun and ammo give the player the gun weapon. The player starts with only the knife. The medkit restores one life up to a maximum of 4 in reserve.
  • There is an additional hidden/secret level in the game. You will know if you find it. It is very different in appearance from all other levels in the game.
  • If you finish the entire game including the secret level, then you get to experience a slighty altered title screen in place of the victory screen.
  • Each level of the castle has its own wall color rather than recycling the pink and blue wall colors over and over.
Before and After Screenshots
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