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Atari 2600 - Atari - Color Label Variation

Except for Pole Position II, all games Atari produced for the 7800 have a gray background. At the top of the label is the 7800 logo (generally in maroon). Under that is a color graphic unique to each game. Copyright text appears in black placed under the image. The end label is also gray, with the title text in maroon or black, followed by "ATARI 7800" in black text underneath the title in a smaller font. Some games also have the model number in black text on the end label.
Title Model #Label NotesYearCartRarity TV 
Ace of AcesCX7846 1988
Alien BrigadeCX7855 1990
BallblazerCX7815Red end label1987
BallblazerCX7815 1987
Barnyard BlasterCX7859 1988
BasketbrawlCX7880 1990
Choplifter!CX7821 1987
CommandoCX7838 1989
Crack'edCX7836 1988
CrossbowCX7844 1987
Dark ChambersCX7837 1988
Desert FalconCX7811 1987
Donkey KongCX7848 1988
Donkey Kong JuniorCX7849 1988
Fatal RunCX7854 1990
Fight NightCX7851 1988
Hat TrickCX7829 1987
Ikari WarriorsCX7862 1989
Impossible MissionCX7832 1987
JinksCX7857 1989
KaratekaCX7822 1988
Mario Bros.CX7850 1988
Mat Mania ChallengeCX7863 1990
Mean 18 Ultimate GolfCX7847 1989
MeltdownCX7875 1990
Midnight MutantsCX7889 1990
Motor PsychoCX7852 1990
Ninja GolfCX7870 1989
One-on-One BasketballCX7824 1987
Planet SmashersCX7868 1989
Pole Position IICX7808 1987
Realsports BaseballCX7834 1988
Scrapyard DogCX7879 1990
SentinelCX7869 1991
Summer GamesCX7826 1987
Super HueyCX7828 1988
Touchdown FootballCX7823 1988
Tower TopplerCX7856 1988
Winter GamesCX7831 1987
XenophobeCX7858 1989
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