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Atari 2600 - Panda - Wraparound Label Label Variation

Panda released their cartridges in two formats - one with a single label that covers the main area and wraps around the end, and one with just an end label. Wraparound labels are either all white with black text and the Panda logo or white around the end with a color picture main label. Panda boxes are blue with white text and the black Panda logo, with some game art on the lower portion of the box. Panda games are very hard to find with nice labels, as apparently they used very cheap material. Boxes are also very difficult to find. If you have pictures of any other Panda games that came with wraparound labels, please contact us.
Title Model #Label NotesYearCartRarity TV 
Harbor Escape110 
Space Canyon100 
Tank Brigade101 
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