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Bounty Bob Strikes Back - Big Five Software - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   




  • Always turn power off before inserting or removing any cartridges. Firmly insert the cartridge with the label facing the front of the unit. Use the left slot for Atari 800 computers. Insert the cartridge label side up for the Atari 1200 computer. Insert a standard joystick into port number one. A second joystick may be used in port two for a second player. If the game logo screen does not appear after turning on the power then refer to your owner's manual for the computer to make sure that everything is connected properly.


  • Bob's main goal in the mine is to "claim" every section of the framework in each mine cavern. He does this by simply walking over each framework piece. As he walks over a piece, it will turn solid. To get around the mine there are many slides and ladders placed throughout. When all framework sections have been claimed, Bob advances to the next cavern. Make sure that he claims all the sections as the pieces where a slide begins are sometimes overlooked.


  • The joystick controls the direction of movement for Bounty Bob. The trigger button controls his jumping. After pressing the trigger button to begin a jump the joystick may be pushed either left or right for the desired jump direction. Extremely long or short jumps may be made by varying the delay between pressing the trigger button and moving the joystick. To climb ladders simply stop directly in front of the ladder and push up or down to climb or descend the ladder. You may only exit a ladder from either the very top or very bottom. The only action required to use a slide is to walk over the framework where the slide begins. Gravity will do the rest!

  • If Bounty Bob walks off the edge of a piece of framework he will fall until he hits something. He can only survive short falls, however. Longer falls will cause death.


    Begin Game                     START
    High Score/Main Title          RESET
    Options Screen                 "*" (from High Score 
                                        or Main Title)
    Freeze/Unfreeze play           PAUSE
         (Must be enabled)

  • Once pause is activated it will remain until it is deactivated. Burns on your television may result if pause is left on for an extended period of time. If pause is intended to be left on for a while, shut off your television until the game is ready to be resumed.


  • It'll take you up but getting down will be up to you! Jumping onto the middle, and off from the edge will insure a safe trip.


  • These little delicious goodies will pep you up for those extra long leaps and bounds. Better move fast after chomping one 'cause the effects wear off quickly!


  • What goes down must come up--after Bounty Bob gets off, of course! This piece of equipment goes down faster than it goes back up, so know where you want to get off before you get on!


  • Just hop on and you are instantly promoted to "Lift Commander." Pushing up or down on the joystick gives you manual control of the life while you're on it. But once you get off, the lift's automatic circuits take over and return it to ground level leaving you to figure out how to get back on.


  • Since these tubes were originally designed to carry mail and memos it's hard to imagine that good 'ol Bounty bob has found a way to use them as shortcuts through the mine. The air in some of the tubes travels in only one direction. Other tubes have diverter valuves to channel the air either left, right, or off. To operate the valuves simply jump up in front of the control box whose number corresponds to the tube you wish to adjust. An indicator needle on each tube shows the direction of air flow. Some tubes are powerful enough to suck you up from where you stand; other tubes you'll have to jump directly in.


  • This nifty contraption was the brain-child of Nuclear Ned. He has planned to get rich selling this as the vaccum cleaner of the 80's. It's the only device of its kind that can be programmedto "search and suck!" It sucked up the dirt well enough; unfortunately it also sucked up the furniture! Bounty Bob has reprogrammed it so that anytime he collects one of the mini-suction tubes it will search him out and sucks him up!


  • You must beware of this radioactive liquid that drips from the stalactities at the top of the mine (or are they stalagmites?) It seems that one of Yukon Yohan's companies began dumping radioactive waste in a field without knowing that Nuclear Ned's mine was below. They probably would have dumped it there even if they did know what was below! All this is unimportant to poor Bounty Bob who must avoid these droppings if he wishes to stay alive.


  • This old war relic was given to Nuclear Ned by his great, great, great, great grandpappy "Sulfur Sylvester." Sylvester, known to his friends as "Sly," actually used this cannon in the war for independence. After one heavy battle there were many casualties. Sly and his cannon, nicknamed "Olf Faithful," were called upon to give a twenty-one gun salute for the men who had died. Unfortunately the cannon malfunctioned and all they got was a thirteen gun salute!

  • The moral of this story is never overload the cannon! It can handle a maximum of thirty tons ot TNT. After loading the TNT use the suction tube to enter the cannon. Use the joystick to move the cannon left and right. Press the fire button to ignite the TNT.


  • Another one of Nuclear Ned's creations, these devices have the capability to move Bob's molecules from one location to another. These are only low power transporters and they have no ability to beam Bounty Bob up to any passing Starships. (Good thing too: imagine what would happen if Yukon Yohan overtook a starship!) After entering the chamber, an indicator will flash on another transporter. When the indicator on the transporter you wish to go to is flashing, push up or down on the joystick to energize!


  • The utility hoist is one of the few pieces of special equipment that Nuclear Ned did not make. He bought this from a traveling hoist salesman as a birthday present for his young son, Knucklehead Ned. Unfortunately, Knucklehead is no longer with us, at least in that form. You see, he fell off the hoist one day and landed in a bunny's carrot stockpile. He instinctively gnawed on some of the contaminated carrots and poof! He's now "Chuck" the mutant! Make sure that you don't repeat Knucklehead's--er, Chuck's mistake. Hop on to the hoistcarefully and it will automatically engage. Move the joystick to maneuver the hoist around. Press the trigger button to turn off the hoist. To restart the hoist, press the spacebar on home computers or the "*" key on the 5200.


  • Ned salvaged some parts from a demolished aluminum recycling center to make these contraptions. He used them to squash the giant mutated cockroaches that were somehow immune to bug spray. He got all of those big bugs but overheated the pulverizer control panel in the process. Now the pulverizers run rampant and present a constant threat to Bounty Bob. Move quickly through them or Bob will be squashed flatter than a mutated cockroach!


  • There are many different varieties of moving pieces in Ned's mine. Ned ordered all of them through the Speedy Elevator and Escalator mail-order catalog. Ned was fascinated by the wide assortment so he ordered one of each. Some constantly move back and forth at varying rates of speed. Others stay parked at stopping areas until Bounty Bob jumps on them. All of them are very useful and are essential for getting around the mine. No special operations are required to use them other than simply jumping on and jumping off.


  • Back in the early days of the mine a variety of small, furry creatures such as rabbits, gophers and weasels burrowed throughout storing food for the cold months. When the waste from Yukon Yohan's dumping began to seep into the mine, all the store food became contaminated. As the unsuspecting little furry creatures began to eat their winter food supplies they slowly started to mutate into hideous forms that no pet store would ever display. Since these mutants are extremely radioactive any contact with them is fatal for Bounty Bob.


  • Scattered throughout the mine are many of Nuclear Ned's wordly possessions that he had acquired over the years. All of them absorbed a minute level of radioactivity. As Bounty Bob collects these items the low-level radioactivity enters his body. This makes him immune to the harmful effects of the mutants for a short span of time. Additionally during this period the mutants sense this and turn into a pleasant form in the hope that Bounty Bob will ignore them.


  • In this screen you actually use machinery to "build" your name to be displayed on the high score screen. Upon entering this screen you will see two bulldozers on lifts, a mini MSU (Mobile Suction Unit), and a small portable nuclear power generator. Pressing the joystick left or right changes control from one bulldozer to another or to the auxiliary command center. Pressing up or down changes the level you are on. Press the trigger button to activate the function you have selected.


  • This parameter is adjusted in the OPTIONS screen. In the "EASY" mode, filled-in framework remains filled-in and dead mutants remain dead from one life to the next. Also, all mutants move at a slow rate. In the "MEDIUM" mode, the aliens move slightly faster. In the "HARD" mode, filled-in framework resets and dead mutants resurrect from one life to the next. Finally, in the "C'MON" mode, the bonus timer starts with 1000 less.


  • This four digit timer is located at the top of every level. It indicates how much time is left for Bounty bob to complete the level. When it counts below 1000, it will flash to indicated that Bob is running out of air. Bob's face will also flash as his tiny lungs gasp for air. When the timer reaches zero Bounty Bob will be out of air and he will implode!


  • It is possible in certain levels to be trapped in an area where no escape, not even death, is possible. Normally you would have to wait for the bonus timer to count down. If you find yourself in this situation, type in Big Five's phone number (numbers only -- no spaces or parentheses) on the keyboard. This number can be found at the bottom of the main title screen. This will give you "special help" to get you out of that situation!


  • Press OPTION to enter this mode on the Atari home computers. On the Atari 5200 system first press RESET to return to the high score display or the main title screen and then press the "*" key. There are twelve different game parameters you can adjust. The line you are currently on is indicated by a solid strip of background color and the flashing parameter setting. To go to a different line, press the joystick up or down. To adjust the parameter setting press the joystick left or right until the desired setting appears. The last line labeled "SPECIAL CODE" is for exclusive use by Big Five programming personnel. After setting a number, Option (or "*" on the 5200) is pressed to activate a special code sequence.


  • If the game is not being played and it is not in the pause mode the program will cycle through the high score display screen, the main title display screen, and a demonstration of level one. Beginners should watch this demo a few times to get an understanding of how to play.


    * Programmed by Bill Hogue / Computer graphics designed by Curtis Mikolyski and Bill Hogue / Music by Jeff Zinn
    * Poster and box graphic designed by Curtis Mikolyski / Poster and box paintings by Kathy Swain
    * Mine History compiled by Bill Hogue and Curtis Mikolyski
    * Project supervision by Dos Cartwright / Travel arrangements courtesy of ZinnAir Ltd.
    * Champagne supplied by Bob Travis / Corks launched by Jeff Konyu / Corks retrieved by Nugget and Pokey
    * Conversion licenses available from International Computer Group, Chatsworth CA

    Made in USA
    Copyright (C) 1984 by Big Five Software
    Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Bounty Bob and Yukon Yohan are registered trademarks of Big Five Software


    Typed by Keita Iida

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters