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TitleCompanyLabel RarityReg TV CartManBoxShot
Warring WormsBaroque Gaming Box icon
Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)TurnsBaroque Gaming  Box icon
Okie DokieRetrowareLimited EditionManual iconBox icon
Stell-A-Sketch / Okie DokieRetrowareCassette
Stell-A-Sketch / Okie DokieRetrowareCD-ROM
Cuttle CartSchell's Electronics Box icon
2003 AtariAge Holiday CartSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
2004 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Holiday QbSelf-Published  Box icon
2005 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Reindeer RescueSelf-Published  Box icon
2005 Minigame MulticartSelf-Published  Box icon
2006 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Toyshop TroubleSelf-Published  Box icon
2007 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Stella's StockingSelf-Published  Box icon
A-VCS-tec ChallengeSelf-Published  Box icon
A-VCS-tec ChallengeSelf-Published  Box icon
AStarSelf-Published  Box icon
BackfireSelf-Published   Box icon
Bee-BallSelf-Published  Box icon
BLiP FootballSelf-Published  Box icon
Boulder DashSelf-Published   Box icon
Colony 7Self-Published  Box icon
Conquest of MarsSelf-Published  Box icon
Crazy BalloonSelf-Published  Box icon
Crazy ValetSelf-Published Box icon
Crazy ValetSelf-PublishedLimited Edition Box icon
Crazy Valet CGESelf-Published  Box icon
CubisSelf-Published   Box icon
Dark MageSelf-Published  Manual iconBox icon
E.T. Book CartSelf-Published  Box icon
Edtris 2600Self-Published Manual iconBox icon
Elevators AmissSelf-Published  Box icon
EncavedSelf-Published  Box icon
Enigma MachineSelf-Published   Box icon
EuchreSelf-Published  Box icon
Eurocon2005Self-Published Manual iconBox icon
Fall DownSelf-Published  Box icon
FlapPingSelf-Published  Box icon
Four-PlaySelf-Published  Box icon
Gingerbread ManSelf-Published  Box icon
Go Fish!Self-Published  Box icon
GoSubSelf-Published  Box icon
Graz2004Self-Published Manual iconBox icon
Hunchy IISelf-Published  Box icon
I ProjectSelf-Published    
INVSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
INV+Self-Published  Box icon
JoustPongSelf-Published  Box icon
Krokodile CartridgeSelf-Published  Box icon
Lady BugSelf-Published  Box icon
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingSelf-Published 
Medieval MayhemSelf-Published  Box icon
Melbourne TattySelf-Published  Box icon
Mental KombatSelf-Published 
Mine SweeperSelf-Published  Manual iconBox icon 
Mondo PongSelf-Published  Manual iconBox icon
Okie DokieSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
Phantom II / PirateSelf-Published  Box icon
Poker SquaresSelf-Published  Box icon
Pressure GaugeSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
Rainbow InvadersSelf-Published  Box icon
Raster FahndungSelf-Published  Box icon
Reindeer RescueSelf-Published  Box icon
SCSIcideSelf-Published Box icon
SCSIcide PhillyClassic3Self-Published  
SkeletonSelf-Published Box icon
Skeleton+Self-Published Box icon
Solar PlexusSelf-Published  Box icon
Space BattleSelf-Published  Box icon
Space TreatSelf-Published Box icon
Space Treat DeluxeSelf-Published  Box icon
Squish 'EmSelf-Published  Box icon
StickyNotes CartSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
Strat-O-Gems DeluxeSelf-Published  Box icon
SWOOPS!Self-Published  Box icon
SyncSelf-Published  Box icon
SynthcartSelf-Published Box icon
TestcartSelf-Published Box icon
Tetris 26Self-Published  Manual iconBox icon 
This Planet SucksSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
Toyshop TroubleSelf-Published  Box icon
Ultra SCSIcideSelf-Published  Box icon
Vault AssaultSelf-Published  Box icon
Vault Assault PhillyClassic3Self-Published Box icon 
Video SimonSelf-Published  Manual iconBox icon
VongSelf-Published Box icon
YahtzeeSelf-Published  Manual iconBox icon
Z-BlocksSelf-Published   Box icon
Climber 5XYPE  Box icon
GunfightXYPE  Manual iconBox icon
JammedXYPE  Box icon
Marble CrazeXYPE 
OystronXYPE  Box icon
QbXYPE  Box icon
SeawolfXYPE  Box icon
Space InstigatorsXYPE  
Star FireXYPE Box icon
ThrustXYPE  Box icon
Thrust+ DC EditionXYPE 
Thrust+ PlatinumXYPE  
Alfred ChallengeEbivisionStandard 

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What do the Rarity Index numbers mean?
Very Rare  
Very Rare+  
Extremely Rare  
Unbelievably Rare