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U.S. Games

A subsidiary of Quaker Oats, U.S. Games is a perfect example of how non-gaming companies tried to cash in on the 2600's success. They released 14 games for the 2600, none of which were terribly good.
SystemTitleLabel Model #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
Squeeze BoxStandard CaseVC2002
Raft RiderStandard CaseVC2006
Name This GameStandard CaseVC1007
M.A.D.Standard CaseVC1012
GopherStandard CaseVC2001
EggomaniaStandard CaseVC2003
Word ZapperBlackVC1003
Towering InfernoBlackVC1009
Space JockeyBlackVC1001
Sneak n' PeekBlackVC1002
Commando RaidBlackVC1004
Raft RiderBeveled CaseVC2006
Piece o' CakeBeveled CaseVC2005
PicnicBeveled CaseVC2004
Name This GameBeveled CaseVC1007
M.A.D.Beveled CaseVC1012
GopherBeveled CaseVC2001
EntombedBeveled CaseVC2007
EggomaniaBeveled CaseVC2003