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Atari 7800 Rarity GuideAtari 7800 Rarity Guide

The Atari 7800's small library doesn't make it terribly exciting to collect for. But it is one of those game systems that one can build a relatively complete collection for without too much trouble. Ironically, most of the hard-to-find titles for the 7800 were also produced by Atari. These include games like Fatal Run, Mean 18 Golf, Planet Smashers, and Motor Psycho.

Only three third-party companies produced games for the 7800: Absolute Entertainment (6 games), Activision (2 games) and Froggo (2 games). Unlike their 2600 offerings, Froggo's games on the 7800 (Water Ski and Tank Command) are actually halfway decent. They're also the two most difficult titles to locate. Of the third-party titles, Absolute's are the easiest to find in the wild (or on eBay if that's your thing!)

The rarity scale is a general indicator of how easy or difficult it is to come across a game. The scale starts at 1 (very easy to find) and finishes at 10 (nearly impossible to locate). Thanks to auction sites such as eBay, even extremely rare games come up for auction frequently enough, but these often command a fairly high price depending on the rarity. If you have any comments about the listing of a title or its rarity, please post them to the Rarity Guide Message Board.


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