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Originally named Intellivision, Inc., INTV was formed when Mattel decided to close down the Mattel Electronics division (Intellivision, MNetwork, etc). The division was purchased for $20 million by the company's senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Terrence Valeski, with additional funding from Odd-Lot trading. After changing their name to INTV, the company continued to release Mattel games under the new name with very basic packaging. Instruction manuals and cartridge labels were printed in black and white in an effort to cut costs. The company even released a few new games under the INTV label for the Intellivision, and also released a new version of the Intellivision called the INTV system III.
SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
Adventures of TronWhiteMT4317 
Air RaidersWhiteMT5861 
Armor AmbushWhiteMT5661 
Bump 'n' JumpWhiteMT7045 
Frogs and FliesWhiteMT5664 
Lock 'N' ChaseWhiteMT5663 
Masters of the Universe - He ManWhiteMT4319 
Star StrikeWhiteMT4313 
Super Challenge BaseballWhite - "Baseball"MT5665 
Super Challenge FootballWhite - "Football"MT5658 
Tron: Deadly DiscsWhiteMT5662