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Epyx was primarily a computer software company, but they made a few games for the 2600 and 7800. Unlike most other companies however, Epyx released their games after the crash, in 1987. Summer Games, Winter Games, and California Games were all ports from the home computer division. While they could not recreate the excellent graphics for the 2600, the gameplay was basically intact. Although they are considered good ports, the market was dying and the games did not sell well. Epyx went on to develop a handheld system called the Handy, which they eventually sold to Atari where it was marketed as the Lynx. Epyx filed for bankruptcy in 1991.
SystemTitle Cart StyleModel #YearRarityCartManBoxROMShot
Alien Garden 54  
Fun With Art     
Gateway to Apshai 614R  
Jumpman Junior 594R   
Monster Maze 56  
Pitstop 604R   
Plattermania 554R  
Silicon Warrior 664R