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The big daddy of classic videogame companies. Atari had the first mass-market programmable videogame console with the Atari 2600. They produced hundreds of games for dozens of console and computer systems. Unfortunately, Atari home videogames is dead as a company today, and exists solely as a series of properties owned by Hasbro and Infogrames.

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SystemTitleCart StyleModel #YearRarityCartManBoxROM Shot
Zarlor MercenaryCurved LipPA20301990
XybotsCurved LipPA20621991
XenophobeCurved LipPA20261990
World Class Fussball/SoccerCurved LipPA20371992
WarbirdsCurved LipPA20321991
Viking ChildCurved LipPA20641991
Turbo SubCurved LipPA20471991
Tournament CyberballCurved LipPA20381991
TokiCurved LipPA20661992
Todd's Adventures in Slime WorldCurved LipPA20291990
Switchblade IICurved LipPA20941992
Super SkweekCurved LipPA21001991
Super Asteroids & Missile CommandCurved LipPA20931995
Steel TalonsCurved LipPA21041992
ShanghaiCurved LipPA20631990
Shadow of the BeastCurved LipPA20811992
Scrapyard DogCurved LipPA20481991
RygarCurved LipPA20431990
Robo-SquashCurved LipPA20351990
RoadBlastersCurved LipPA20361990
Road Riot 4WD   Manual iconBox icon
RampartCurved LipPA21021992
RampageCurved LipPA20221990
Power FactorCurved LipPA21091992
Pit-FighterCurved LipPA20701992
Pinball JamCurved LipPA20551992
PaperboyCurved LipPA20411990
Pac-LandCurved LipPA20591991
Ninja Gaiden III: Ancient Ship of DoomCurved LipPA20921993
Ninja GaidenCurved LipPA20391991
NFL FootballCurved LipPA20451992  
Ms. Pac-ManCurved LipPA20571990 
Malibu Bikini VolleyballCurved LipPA20861993
Lynx Diagnostic   Manual iconBox icon
Lynx CasinoCurved LipPA20611992
LemmingsCurved LipPA20801993
Kung FoodCurved LipPA20761992
KLAXCurved LipPA20311990
Jimmy Connors' TennisCurved LipPA20851993
Ishido: The Way of StonesCurved LipPA20651991
HydraCurved LipPA20731992
HockeyCurved LipPA20521992
Hard Drivin'Curved LipPA20441991
Gordo 106Curved LipPA21061993
Gauntlet: The Third EncounterRidgedPA20241990
Gauntlet: The Third EncounterCurved LipPA20241990
Gates of ZendoconRidgedPA20231989
Gates of ZendoconFlatPA20231989
Gates of ZendoconCurved LipPA20231989
ElectrocopCurved LipPA20211989 
Dracula the UndeadCurved LipPA20871992
Dirty Larry: Renegade CopCurved LipPA20771992
DinolympicsCurved LipPA20891992
Daemon's Gate   Box icon
Crystal Mines IICurved LipPA21051992
Chip's ChallengeRidgedPA20281989
Chip's ChallengeFlatPA20281989
Chip's ChallengeCurved LipPA20281989
Checkered FlagCurved LipPA20531991
California GamesRidgedPA20251989 
California GamesFlatPA20251989 
California GamesCurved LipPA20251989 
Blue Lightning Demo CardCurved LipPA20541989  
Blue LightningRidgedPA20201989
Blue LightningFlatPA20201989
Blue LightningCurved LipPA20201989
Block OutCurved LipPA20561991
Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventureCurved LipPA20681991
Battlezone 2000Curved LipPA20881995
Batman ReturnsCurved LipPA21011992
BasketbrawlCurved LipPA20341992
Awesome GolfCurved LipPA20491991
APBCurved LipPA20421991
Alien vs. Predator   Manual iconBox icon
Vindicators   Manual iconBox icon 
Ultra Vortex   Manual iconBox icon 
S.T.U.N. RunnerCurved LipPA20601991 
Relief Pitcher   Manual iconBox icon 
Pounce   Manual iconBox icon 
Mechtiles   Manual iconBox icon  
GeoDuel   Manual iconBox icon 
Dungeon Slayers   Manual iconBox icon 
Baseball HeroesCurved LipPA20501992