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Food Fight Gray label
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System: Atari 7800
Company: Atari
Model #: CX7804
Year of Release: 1987
Media Type: Cartridge
Number of Players: 1 - 2
Controller: Pro-Line Joystick
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 North America
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Food Fight - Box

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Food Fight was a modest pro-gluttony arcade hit for Atari in 1984, but for some reason Pro System fans can't help but rave about this translation of the game for the 7800. As Charley Chuck shrugs off another ice cream headache, you must guide him through a fairly hostile environment that includes pitfalls and angry chefs guarding another cone. Old CC is no pushover, however, as he can sling tomatoes, watermelons, cream pies and other foods with the best of them. Food Fight features non-stop, white knuckle action, smooth controls, instant replays, a level select screen and a really cool Easter Egg. This is another stellar arcade port for the 7800 library. (Contributed by Cousin Vinnie Vineyard)

External ReviewsSubmit Review
The Atari Times (by Brian C. Rittmeyer)90%
Granny Vinnie's 7800 Reviews (by Crossbow)80%
Video Game Critic (by David Mrozek)95%
JoseQ's Emu Views (by Crossbow)80%
Tomorrow's Heroes (by Tom Zjaba)95%
Old School Gamer Review (by Eric T. Schuetz)100%
Planet Atari (German) (by Michael Tausendpfund)79%
Average Score: 88%

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