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Atari Lynx screenshotsAtari Lynx screenshots

Taking screenshots on the Atari Lynx is a pretty painless process thanks to the wonderful Lynx emulator Handy. Once you have a screenshot you'd like to capture, simply press Ctrl+Alt+B to take a screenshot in the BMP image format. Screenshots are saved in the same directory as the Handy executable, but only 100 screenshots can be saved at a time.

The Lynx's native screen resolution is 160x102. To allow you to easily see detail in the screenshots and to maintain consistency with screenshots for other systems on AtariAge, we've blown up Lynx shots to a resolution of 640x408. We've tried to take screenshots showing a wide variety of screens from each game. If there are additional screenshots you'd like us to include on these pages, please drop us a line, attach the screenshots, and we'll put them online.

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