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2001 Classic Gaming Expo - Page 4

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Pictures from the Swap Session held at 5pm on Saturday evening.
Here's a shot of me passing around my trade lists to others at the swap meet. I did pack quite a few games into my car for the trip, but it was mostly for naught. Having the trade lists was much more important.
This is where I was tempted to yell, "FIRE!", grab the tub of games and run like hell. :)
Adam Sessler and Kate Botello from TechTV were on hand, filming an entire show at CGE. And they weren't the only media present. I also saw CNN filming for a good chunk of the day on Saturday and saw lots of other professional camera equipment as well.
Ben Heckendorn showing off the various VCS Portable units he brought with him to CGE.
The latest VCS Portables have a great feature that lets you connect two units so two people can play the same game using a single cartridge. Video and audio are passed one way from the cable while control signals are passed the other way, using a standard 9-pin cable.
The elusive Venture II, created by Tom Snider.
A shot of Tom Snider, creator of Venture II.

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